How can Innovation Ensure the Freshness and Quality of the Products?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 13, 2020

Foods and beverages being one of the essential products, ensuring its freshness is one of the most important tasks.

FREMONT, CA: The challenges faced by the manufacturers and supermarkets of foods and beverages, when it comes to maintaining the product freshness in-transit and on-shelf with good quality and integrity is growing explicitly. The food and beverages available to us are sourced from all over the globe; the retailers and the brands are adopting innovative solutions for achieving optimal quality. As reported by a New York-based Nielsen, two-thirds of Americans stated that their eating pattern has changed in the course of past five years, and three out of ten are opting for healthier food options compared to before. Specifically, millennials are more prone to go for healthier food options. This leads to a significant rise in the demand for healthy, fresh, organic food, and beverages.

Consumers have healthier food and beverages options. The task is to choose the best source in-store or online places for purchasing groceries while taking freshness into account.

Maintaining the Freshness

Manufacturers can fulfill this task by increasing the shelf life of fresh beverages by using manufacturing processes that prevent quality degradation without the use of preservatives. High-pressure processing (HPP) is one such strategy. According to an FMI report, the demand for food with active ingredients will strike the HPP market in 2020; as a result, it will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 percent. Therefore the manufacturers are hoping to reduce the cost of HPP.

Disparate Shopping Methods

Online shopping has become very popular because it allows the consumers to research the availability of inventory ahead of the time, coupled with the convenience of placing the order for pickup. Shopping on-premise enables buyers to gauge the freshness of the products. The experts state that the growth of omnichannel and online shopping means that retailers must stay ahead of trending consumer demands and ensure excellence in product and ease of shopping through both the channels.

The supermarket sector will keep witnessing emerging and disruptive changes that will impact the overall shopping experience for the buyers. Utilizing eCommerce capabilities along with new manufacturers and storage technology, will display the potential to strengthen product offerings in the supermarket channel.

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