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How Can Modern Technologies Empower the Poultry Industry to Operate Smartly?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The increasing demand to feed the ever-increasing population is forcing the poultry industry to adopt some smart practices. How can smart technology be useful to them?

FREMONT, CA: In this era, the devices governed through the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are proliferating at an exponential rate. Therefore, farm-level operations need to be modernized and adapt to combat disease outbreaks, face counter fertility challenges, and increase productivity.

In this case, wearable biosensors provide a significant benefit to farm operations. Timely and accurate usage of these technologically advanced sensors can help huge farms with the diagnosis of diseases and estrus detection. Besides, wearable technologies and implanted sensors can detect the presence of pathogens, observe hypermobility to detect estrus, measure temperature, detect pH, and so on.

Biosensors play a major role in antibiotic detection too. It has become more necessary because of the emergence of rising resistance rates to most antibiotics in animals and humans. Though antibiotics help in curing most common ailments, biosensors can improve the process by identifying and quantifying antibiotic levels and making farmers aware of the antibiotics levels exceeding the prescribed permissible levels, and therefore appropriate measures are taken.


In poultry, technology can be of significant help in tackling avian influenza. Employing a bio-sensor with requisite sensor nodes will be a smart approach for monitoring the body temperature and movement of chickens in the poultry form, thus allowing early detection of avian influenza.

For dairy cattle, estrus detection and reproductive performance are directly correlated. Specific biosensors hold the capacity to appropriately identify approximately 80-85 percent of cows in estrus or determine time ovulation time. By using smart technology for Capturing spikes in body temperature, or enhanced locomotory activity can result in better timing of insemination and higher rates in conception.

Distinct statistical techniques can be adopted for differentiating the role of biosensors for mastitis and estrus detection in dairy animals. Likewise, recordings of fat, milk temperature, and solids-not-fat with sensors can be integrated into a software design document. Eventually, it will augment enhanced animal production proficiency and profitability.

Moreover, the essence of smart technology lies in the detection of disease in the minimum time possible. This can lead to the prevention of disease spread in the herd and timely estrus detection in dairy cows as well as an increase in reproductive efficiency.

Further, smart technology can help in reducing the requirement for intensive labor, which helps the farmers in saving direct cost and empowers them to spend the resources via remotely supervising the operation of farm management systems and equipment from anywhere through a tablet or smartphone.

Additionally, smart technology helps in eliminating human errors in daily farm operations and management, which can become significant disruptors in the animal health industry.

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