A Recipe For Development In The Food & Beverages Industry

By Sławomir Kluszczyński, Chief Operating Officer, LOTTE Wedel

A Recipe For Development In The Food & Beverages Industry

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and Consumer

By Marco Albino, Director Supply Chain, Granarolo Group

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and...

Strengthening Allergen Procedures and Controls

By Philip Quinn, Senior Director of QA, Papa John’s International

Strengthening Allergen Procedures and Controls

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and Consume

By Marco Albino, Director Supply Chain

Digitalisation Improves the Experience for Business and...

How Can Restaurants be Ready for 2021?

Food and Beverages | Monday, February 22, 2021

Technology is starting to play an essential part in the restaurant business recovery.

FREMONT, CA: The pandemic boosted the inevitable march towards more technology in every restaurant sector – something people were expecting. Many full-service restaurants managed to find their way to offer their multi-course meals for delivery. Several quick-serve and fast-food restaurants thrived leveraging delivery and drive-thru channels. Digital solutions that supported restaurants alleviate customer safety fears and tackle restrictions boomed, and tech providers scrambled to provide new products to get hotels on board. Technologies including digital menus, QR codes, contactless ordering, and payment at the table suddenly became the standard. Read on to know more.

Consumers are implementing online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery. And diners are expecting to look forward to returning to normality. If they didn’t recognize it already, restaurants have seen firsthand the requirement to invest in technology or be left behind. Tech is going to have a major part in the restaurant sector recovery. One of the most striking features is the huge growth of the takeout market, with many more restaurants adding delivery and pickup channels. Some of these restaurants are on delivery platforms already, but several have not considered takeout a viable choice for their type of establishment.

Many customers who joined delivery and pick- up channels, having not previously offered delivery, told that the outcomes from delivery and pickup orders were so yielding that they would be using the channels even as dining reopen and things return to how they were. Several are so grateful for takeout orders to help them survive; they are searching for how they can widen upon this and incorporate delivery channels into their long-term strategies.

Given that delivery and takeout will be so essential in 2021, it’s worth looking at the details and seeing how consumer requirements have changed the way restaurateurs think about delivery over the past years and how this will play out in the future. As people were stuck indoors and were looking for comfort, there were interesting trends in delivery orders. Meal kits had a boom, especially as full-service restaurants looked at means to package up their multi-course meals for customers to enjoy at home.  The restaurant found more creative avenues to increase revenue, provide online cooking classes, craft activities kits for kids and innovative ideas. Larger family meal orders were up too, and there was more demand for desserts and sides on delivery menus.

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