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Four keys to surviving your digital transformation

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How Digital Enterprise has Benefitted the Soft Drink Market

Food and Beverages | Thursday, June 18, 2020

Digital Enterprise has helped the soft drink manufacturers to increase their production with flexibility.

FREMONT, CA: The striking feature of the soft drink market is its short-lived and constantly transforming trends. Soft drink manufacturers need to become accustomed to the latest market requirements to stay ahead of the competition. They also have to ensure that the work is done proficiently and offers the best quality to the consumers. Therefore, to accomplish flexibility and boost energy in the system, they can utilize digitalization from the Digital Enterprise Solution. The solutions that are customized particularly for the production of the soft drink make sure that the production processes and the quality of the products are reliable. 

The Digital Twin 

The Digital Enterprise has a comprehensive approach while developing Digital Twins as they provide tangible benefits. The companies can considerably decrease the number of prototypes required, estimate the performance of the production unit, and even make sure that they are manufactured according to the consumers' expectations. 

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020However, the digital twin is the exact virtual representation of the production plant or a product. It showcases various stages of development in the lifecycle that permits the operator to forecast the optimizing performance, applies information, and predict behavior from previous experiences and designs.  

The digital twins are a wide range of perception, and it contains three forms. The three types are as follows:

• The digital twin of production
• The digital twin of the performance of the product and the production
• The digital twin of the product

Some companies can offer such a comprehensive approach of the digital twin because of their highly-advanced tools and area expertise. 

Moreover, companies can also gain value from digital twins by conducting a session of what-if and by predicting future performance. The digital twin's priority is to create a close connection among the virtual world of production planning and development of products and the physical world of product performance and production systems. This connection will help obtain valuable information from the physical world that can be used to make an accurate decision in the different stages of the lifecycle of the production and product operations. 

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