Safe Shipments in Meal Delivery Industry

By Mike Wargocki, SVP of Operations, Sun Basket

Safe Shipments in Meal Delivery Industry

Alternative Proteins, Enabling Purposeful Eating For New Generations

By Dina Fernandez, Global R&D Director – Protein Nutrition Solution, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

Alternative Proteins, Enabling Purposeful Eating For New...

Sunbasket is Driving Food Sustainability within the FoodIndustry

By Mike Wargocki, Senior Vice President Operations, Sunbasket

Sunbasket is Driving Food Sustainability within the...

Improving Food Safety with Technology

By Josh Giefer, International Business Consultant, Domino's

Improving Food Safety with Technology

How Food and Beverages Enterprises Can Ensure Safety?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bad food is hazardous to the customers and very costly to the operators. This is the main reason why storing foods safely and reliably is essential. Let's look at some of the technology trends that drive the food safety space.

FREMONT, CA: Multi-state, foodborne illnesses continue to affect American consumers, and not only from farm-to-supermarket. Downstream foodservice operations like those found in K-12 cafeterias, hotel restaurants, and at sports stadiums are often the site of consumer food poisoning incidents. In 2020, food safety trends will include improved process monitoring, new labeling guidelines, and supply chain traceability that may help satisfy the demands of an involved consumer base.

Several high-profile and large-scale food recalls have influenced headlines. These very public recalls can spoil the reputation of a business and negatively affect an operation's bottom line, as consumers vote with their wallet. Even though technology is making food safety and access, food regulators are becoming quicker in responding to consumer demand for higher food standards.

Digital Solutions for a Greater Supply Chain

Many digital solutions can enhance supply chain traceability. Digital sensors monitor temperatures and humidity, door closure sensors and other monitoring systems are starting to see more extensive use. These sensors can offset examples that are prone to human error. Most of the food processors and food services still use the traditional office processes of manual tracking, billing, and inventory systems that are not conducive to supporting supply chain traceability.

Top 10 Food Safety Tech Companies - 2019Enhanced Safety in Restaurants and Home Delivery

Look at th recent examples like McDonald's and Chipotle where many people across the country fell ill. In each case, the wrongdoer seemed to be tainted lettuce in salads or food is left out at unsafe temperatures causing Clostridium perfringens bacteria to form. Since dining trends are transforming with dramatic enhancement in-home delivery food services, there will be raised pressure on using technology to automate some food handling processes. Even the prep work is done in the kitchens of big chain restaurants.

Labeling and Product Clarifications

While this topic may not look like a food safety trend, it is a reaction to widespread consumers complaints between what foods are technically and truly organic, healthy, and natural. Mainly, which of these food categories do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. Hotel, restaurants, and K-12 cafeterias that are marketing healthy menu choices need these product clarifications to satisfy their customers.

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