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How Food Processing and Packaging Technology Can Help the Savory Snacks Sector

Food and Beverages | Monday, August 30, 2021

The distinctions between meals and snacks have increasingly blurred due to consumer demand for convenience, "better for you" products, and indulgence.

FREMONT, CA: Manufacturers have an intriguing opportunity to profit from the expanding trend. However, as the snack market seeks to disassociate itself from guilt-inducing consumption by introducing healthier ingredients and more sustainable processing and packaging, it is necessary to evaluate the technology required to create the next generation of products that deliver nutritious authentic products snack able moments.

This article examines the most significant trends for savory snacks enabling producers to re-imagine the industry.

Health and wellness are motivating factors

Snacking is gaining popularity as a handy approach to alleviate hunger while also consuming nutrient-dense foods that promote mental and physical health. Traditionally associated with salty, high-fat foods, manufacturers of savory snacks are experimenting with ways to maintain enjoyment while offering healthy alternatives free of post-consumption guilt.

Snacks' nutritional profile ignites consumer interest, with items making health and wellness claims growing at a CAGR of 1.3 percent between 2013 and 2018.

Brands can capitalize on this desire by developing functional snacks that promote physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness.

Emphasis on sustainability

Environmental is a rising area of concern for snack makers of all sizes, as businesses face increasing demand from customers and governments to improve their sustainability credentials.

Consumers seek guilt-free consumption that extends beyond the ingredients of a product to the packaging and manufacturing techniques used to create it. The combination of organizational and customer pressure will continue to drive technology advancements toward more environmentally friendly industrial methods.

Techniques for reducing energy and plastic consumption

Before making new purchases, researching equipment and ingredients, particularly the sustainability of packing equipment, can make all the difference in waste and reduction. Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) systems are a popular type of packing equipment because they boost output without requiring more resources such as time, energy, or personnel or requiring the installation of additional machines. This enables producers to streamline their packaging process with a single piece of equipment and achieve optimum productivity and energy savings through improved packaging speeds and yield. Additionally, it can assist producers in decreasing product waste to as little as 0.5 percent, enhancing the brand's and products' sustainability credentials.

Numerous VFFS systems contain sealing technology, which can aid in the reduction of plastic waste. Manufacturers minimize film consumption by reducing the length of film required per bag using features such as single serration jaws. The jaws contribute to creating a pillow-like bag with a smaller seal area, allowing you to either increase bag volume while retaining the same bag length or decrease film usage while maintaining the same volume. These systems use less jaw heat (and thus less energy) due to their reduced profile. They attain a faster seal time and enhance end-product quality.

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