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How Food Safety is Evolving with Advancement in Technology

Food and Beverages | Friday, January 03, 2020

Food monitoring for a long time has been unclear, and authorities are always on the lookout for ways to enforce strict standards for food safety. So what are the top food safety trends that are ensuring our food safety?

FREMONT, CA:  Food safety has been on the agenda of different food authorities for protecting food. Food monitoring from a long time onwards has been unclear, and the authorities are continuously on the lookout for ways to enforce strict standards for the safety of food.  What will food safety look like in 2020, and what are the trends that are driving the change is needed to be noted.

Dining Trends

The percentage of people eating from outside has considerably increased. This is great news for the food and beverage industry. It brings challenges, as pressure increases on the restaurants to serve more customers and on suppliers to offer more of the fresh ingredients needed. Maintaining food safety while balancing the cost factor and procurement of fresh foods is definitely a challenging task. More organizations are turning towards automation to tackle this issue.

Supply Chain

After several rumors, such as the horsemeat scandal, customers are demanding a high level of traceability on what they eat. Customers are always on the lookout for fresh, healthy, and locally sourced food and ingredients. To make the food supply chain traceability a possibility, most of the food companies are looking forward to blockchain technology for an easy solution. Blockchain can track a finished product back to the beginning with ease, which cannot be tampered. As a result of this, food suppliers can build trust in their trademark amongst customers.


The horsemeat scandal highlighted concerns around fraud in the food supply chain and demonstrated that customers want traceability of what they prefer to eat. The customers are increasingly looking for healthy, high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Together, this is driving a need for greater auditing of supply chains to ensure that food can be monitored from field to fork. In 2020,  the food businesses that can vouch for the origins of their food will have a major competitive advantage.

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