How has Technology Revolutionized Wine Industry?

By Food and Beverages | Friday, October 30, 2020

Like every other industry, technology has made its mark in the wine industry as well.

Fremont, CA: Technology has made its mark on virtually every industry, so it was only a matter of time before the wine industry was impacted by technology as well. There are many ways that technology has enhanced wine collecting and the wine industry overall.

Technology for the wineries

Vintners are benefitting from technology as well. This tool pulls the conversations and wine mentions from social media and other channels, giving the winery real-time feedback from consumers to better understand how the public reacts to their wine, good and bad both. That’s effective feedback for a winery seeking to enhance their wines continuously.

Wine tasting notes software

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020For wine drinkers who try several wines over time, keeping detailed wine tasting notes is a must. These programs as Vinoteka enable the winemakers to keep tasting notes in an organized fashion, allowing to remember with great fondness (or dull disappointment) the last Pinot Noir tasted so that they know whether it’s a wine they like to sample again in the future. Unlike a simple notebook, they can keep notes, rate wines, and more, with the power to enter the wine itself through barcodes, allowing some information to be pre-populated for them.

Wine cellar management apps

There are now various apps that winemakers can use to manage the wine cellar. Two of those apps, Cellar and CellarTracker, is designed to track the inventory of the cellar. Like these, many start as free apps, then they need an ongoing monthly fee to retain the service. Some services still need the winemakers to log in information manually, while others enable them to scan a UPC, so do the homework before committing to any of the wine cellar management apps out there, as some need much more of a commitment to keep the inventory tracking current. However, regardless of which app they use, these inventions help the wine cellar owners to more effectively keep track of what’s in their collection, including year, style, winemaker, and so on. Wine cellar management applications have virtually eliminated the need for manual logging of the wine collection and are worth looking into.

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