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How iCombi Pro from RATIONAL will Help Chefs

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 20, 2020

RATIONAL has launched iCombi Pro, which will help the chefs to cook their items efficiently with less cooking time.

FREMONT, CA: RATIONAL is the market leader in combi oven technology. Recently, the company has launched iCombi Pro in the United States. The next-generation family of combi ovens is now obtainable from the RATIONAL dealers nationwide. 

The market leader has a 60 percent share of the North American combi oven market. That share has helped RATIONAL raise the bar on kitchen equipment intelligence, power, efficiency, and flexibility by launching iCombi Pro. The iCombi Pro also provides commercial kitchens enhanced productivity, requires lesser cooking times, and less energy consumption in comparison with the earlier model, while still offering exceptional, consistent results.

New, market-leading features consist of improved time and energy cooking for high-production kitchens. The iCombi Pro suggests the foods that can be prepared together and items that can be cooked as quickly as possible. Therefore, the cooking can be done in the most energy-efficient or sequenced process so that it can be ready at a specified time. The iCombi Pro also informs the operators when they have to load and take out every food item to support the production plan.

To respond to the customer feedback, the chefs can mediate while utilizing an automatic cooking path. It is also possible to shift from cooking just one type of food to a mixed load with various types of foods on every shelf. When this happens, the iCombi Pro will update the parameters related to cooking and automatically modify the temperature and cooking times for every item.

Another innovative development in the feature is the ultra-fast, which requires roughly 12-minute for the interim cleaning cycle. This makes sure to reduce the downtime by rapidly removing cooking smells and arranging the iCombi for its next utilization. The staff can also grill proteins, run the cleaning cycle when they are taking a break, and then bake or steam delicate food items.

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