Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry


Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry

Technological Advances In Food Safety


Technological Advances In Food Safety

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Augmented And Virtual Reality In Today's World

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How Important is Cold Chain in the Food Industry?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Having a cold chain is essential for many bakery and snack companies to make sure that food safety, quality, and compliance are intact.

FREMONT, CA : The cold chain helps the companies to monitor the temperature in sensitive areas of the food industry procedures. It involves ingredient storage areas, end product storage, refrigerated storage, and many more. Temperature monitoring and ongoing documentation are considered as a critical aspect of quality control and food safety for a few snack and bakery products.

Business owners can use a few suggestions to manage the cold chain aspects of the food industry successfully. They must understand the methods and impacts of freezing/thawing on the product’s quality. They should track the freezer temperature in due course and record the temperatures while loading, transporting, and delivering the products. Apart from that, it is crucial to carry constant motoring all through the entire cold chain in order to have complete traceability.

On the other hand, monitoring the temperature is vital, therefore having software for that can lead to success during delivery, as well as transportation. The temperature devices and software that are used to send real-time information and record historical incidents to make sure the integrity of the product is sustained. The implemented system can also monitor the duration of time the door when it stays open, along with the efficient working of the freezer system on the trailer, during transportation.

Baking duration and temperature controls are vital to ensure that the enzyme activity within the product is not disturbed at all. The business owners need to remember that the enzymes turn heat-sensitive during the baking process, and extreme temperatures can end up killing them, which can destroy the freshness and eating qualities of the product after it thaws.

The quality of the product revolves around a significant factor, which is the freeze/thaw cycle, for raw, as well as the finished products. When it comes to the bread products, making use of advanced enzyme technologies can effectively bring down the effects. Besides, the existing and budding enzymes have the potential to modify bread crumb structure during baking and allow frozen or chilled products to keep up the similar eating qualities as the freshly baked ones.

In the present time, real-time monitoring solutions offer complete cold chain transparency and control. The technology has cost-reducing operational services as an added benefit and includes 24/7 monitoring and response services.

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