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How Important is Hygiene in the Poultry Industry?

Food and Beverages | Monday, January 27, 2020

The food manufacturers in the poultry industry can implement various steps toward mitigating the risks of contamination with the help of a food-processing line, which is easy to clean and complies with food safety guidelines.

FREMONT, CA: Quality and food safety is crucial in the poultry industry because, if a processing line takes care of the raw materials, it must adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards to prevent contamination to avoid foodborne illnesses.

A single epidemic of foodborne illness has the potential to damage the reputation of the food processor and lead to the closing of their service. In most cases, individual outbreaks of diseases like E coli have escalated into full-scale public health crises. 

To avoid contamination in a meat-processing line, it is crucial to maintain a smooth and clear surface, free from impurities that have chances to enter during the manufacturing process. It is essential that they also withstand the consistent and harsh cleaning processes and maintain the highest sanitary standards in a food production line for protecting the public. Low-grade equipment or improper cleaning can also lead to severe sanitation and safety crisis within the entire production line, including:

• Corrosion, which is a common issue with any component that is a part of the processing line and can begin at welded areas, and quickly spread into the raw materials.

• Surface imperfections can also make equipment difficult to clean, leading way to different bacteria to develop.

• Burrs in different components can be dangerous and flake off into food.

Top Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution CompaniesIt is vital to design and finalize equipment for the processing line, keeping in mind the potential risks that can lead to significant blemishes. Besides, electropolishing is a one-step operation that is the preferred finishing method for many components utilized in food processing equipment. It is an advanced finishing process that comes with a chain of benefits that create easy-to-clean parts and protection from regular wear and tear. Electropolishing provides the most exceptional finish for a variety of components present in the poultry sector, by eliminating the uniform layer of surface metal with the use of a chemical bath with the rectified current.

Standards are incredibly high for the food-processing operations—USDA and FDA, based in the United States. Sanitation and food safety are primary keys that can help in maintaining compliance with these regulatory bodies. Several poultry-equipment manufacturers prefer electropolishing as their finishing method for its benefits, as well as its ability to enhance the surface finish of metal parts in order to help uphold cleanability.

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