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How Innovative Technology is Reshaping the Cannabis Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Friday, August 27, 2021

Medical cannabis is steadily progressing due to the innovative technologies used in the cannabis industry. 

FREMONT, CA: The legal cannabis industry has undergone a drastic shift in the last decade, with various states legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Bringing these items to the general public has entailed several technological breakthroughs. Rather than limited manufacturing, farmers are now producing oils for vaping, tablets, edible gummies, and other items.

It will be interesting to see how technical advancements change the way people get high as they move further into a new age of marijuana consumption. Here are a few projects in the works that have the potential to transform the cannabis industry completely.

DNA Sequencing

The Cannabis sativa plant is a natural phenomenon, a factory for mind-altering chemicals unlike anything else anybody has ever seen. However, there is a lot of difference between the plant strains, with each grows, resulting in a unique balance of THC, CBD, and another element.

This results in a thriving market of the product, but it is a difficult one to control. Modern genomics can hold the key to realizing the plant's full potential. Several prominent cannabis growers are working on sequencing the DNA of the Cannabis sativa plant to put together a simple blueprint for how the plant produces a wide variety of chemicals it contains.

Personalized Products

Identifying the perfect combination of THC and CBD can be challenging because people's biochemistry allows them to absorb cannabinoids in various ways. Even though some marijuana strains are known for their mellowness or potency, there is still a lot of flexibility in determining what to put in the vape.

Since this is a psychoactive substance, selecting a strain that doesn't align with the mind can be catastrophic. As a result, optimized blends of critical cannabinoids balanced to physiology are the next move in cannabis consumption.

Efficient Growing Lights

Growing marijuana has a range of disadvantages, and one of it is the plants' voracious appetite for broad-spectrum light. The sun provides all Cannabis sativa needs in tropical climates, but large-scale indoor grow operations depend on high-intensity discharge bulbs, costly, and use a lot of electricity.

LED technology, which has transformed the home lighting industry over the last decade, is set to do the same for cannabis producers. Several marijuana growers have already switched to LED lights after NASA experimented with utilizing them for plant growth in space.

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