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How IoT and Blockchain is Improving Food Supply Chain?

By Food and Beverages | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

IoT and Blockchain is increasing the food quality and also transparency in the supply chain.  Food manufacturers are also adopting these new technologies to attract new customers and also for maintaining their position in the market.

FREMONT, CA: Food is an essential component to sustain human life. Globalization has paved the way for broader markets and allowed access to exotic foods, which means food distribution is increasing in scale.

However, it is necessary for food production, and transportation companies meet the customer’s desire for fresh food. Food organizations also have to reach the consumers need for more ethical products

Blockchain and IoT need to Converge for Better Food Traceability

Recently the maximum of the companies has turned to technological solutions for improving their logistics, enhancing customer experience, and for building long-term consumer relationships for increasing profits. The technologies are used for strengthening the trust and transparency with traceability solutions within the food chain in a company.

Improving Food Traceability

Tracing a food chain is not simple as it involved many steps such as harvesting, quality checks, transportation, packaging, and many more. These steps can be minor and discreet, but sometimes, a company may lead to problems.

Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies are helping the organizations to reduce the transparency problem and improve transportation. IoT helps in tracking the technical issues and malfunctions in a supply chain, and blockchain takes care of the food traceability. It allows the customers to see every data that is recorded, and they can also track their food from the place of origin.

How IoT and Blockchain can be Used in Practice?

Blockchain and the Internet of Things can be used in various methods to improve food traceability

• IoT can be used for enhancing the quality of food by regulating lighting, watering, temperature, air conditioning, and many more. The technology can be used to create favorable conditions for the growth of a plant before picking and shipping them.

• IoT can also is used for examining the food that is on the production line to make sure that it meets the food standards.

• Food waste can also be reduced because, with computer vision, it will become easier to sort out the spoiled products in time.

• IoT also helps to monitor food while in transportation. If the food can easily break while traveling, a sensor-equipped monitor will notify the condition in real-time during delivery.

With all these technologies in the industry, the retail food market has beco0me highly competitive. Businesses are ready to take risks and apply new techniques to track new customers, keep the current ones, and for maintaining their reputation in the market.

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