How IoT is Revolutionizing Livestock Health-Promoting Data-Driven Decision-Making

Food and Beverages | Thursday, June 03, 2021

IoT technology has brought about favorable changes in livestock herding, such as sheep and cows. A new breed of lightweight, compact, and comfortable IoT devices that aid livestock data collection is currently developing.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is fast becoming an indispensable part of farming. The agricultural industry relies on new ideas and technologies to help increase crop yields. Robotics and automation, along with connected livestock, will lay the groundwork for future farming techniques. The Internet of Things is driving increased agricultural production and lower costs today. This has opened the door for engineers to make IoT-based solutions that increase agricultural productivity while remaining cost-effective. Multiple livestock sensors can help farmers keep tabs on their livestock location, health, and other related data. It helps in identifying sick animals, lowering labor costs, and overcoming sensor-related difficulties. Below are the advantages of IoT-based livestock monitoring.

GPS tracking

Farmers have to struggle to locate livestock that has wandered off due to poor health or if they are in heat. With these wearable IoT devices, farmers can find livestock quickly, even when on the go. IoT devices help in animal tracking, and grazing patterns, among other things. IoT devices notice livestock behavior, and farmers will be notified. Additionally, movement tracking helps maximize farmland areas. With data about each animal's movement and herd migration, livestock grazing patterns can be fine-tuned.

Health Checkup

Continuously monitoring the health levels of livestock is essential to ensure the early diagnosis of diseases, if any. Wearable IoT devices with built-in sensors mounted on livestock help capture data and alert about livestock health. These devices help farmers monitor several health-related metrics. Additionally, livestock health monitoring cuts back on livestock feed-related issues. Health issues and feed issues in a herd could be present and undetected if IoT monitoring is not in place. Animals can be monitored constantly to identify and take action on potential issues.

Fertility and Lactation

It is easier to monitor and measure the reproductive cycles of cows with IoT-based devices. In addition, an IoT sensor can notify the farmer if the cow is in labor, making calving safer, and the farmer does not have to monitor the cow to make sure she is calving. The IoT devices help with time to milking, milking measurements, and other similar functions. From the cow's activity, the farmer helps the cows improve their diet and increase lactation.

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