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The Shifting Dynamics In Supply Chain

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Leading The Supply Chain Through A Transformational Journey

How IoT simplifies Supply Chain monitoring

Food and Beverages | Monday, February 18, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has revolutionized the workforce of many companies across industries. The applications of IoT devices have helped to enhance the supply chain visibility. Almost a billion sensors were added in the past year which makes IoT technology one of the forces in the tech industry to reckon.

The traditional use of IoT devices in the supply chain are in applications like putting sensors on production machines to monitor their operating conditions. The data gathered by the sensors are used by data analysis tools to provide insights into the devices to the enterprise. The data analysis tools also provide predictive analysis which helps an enterprise to manage their facility efficiently.

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IoT technology has moved beyond the traditional usage and has taken new forms and scales. It allows the user to monitor their product from the farm itself. IoT devices also provide an alternative supply chain in case of adverse weather. The concept behind supply chain visibility is a matter of matching material with the flow of information about it. IoT technology makes it possible to sync material and information flow as it gathers data at many nodes in the supply chain, which gives a real-time picture into the supply chain processes.

The use of agricultural robotics is expected to grow many folds in the coming years. Companies like CropX have started providing sensors to monitor and adjust the irrigation needs of a soil. These developments have helped to increase the supply chain visibility as it starts from the root of the supply chain.

Network Planning Tools (NPT) are another form of improved supply chain visibility. These tools combine advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and operations research to coordinate movements between sortation hubs. NPT tools also suggest re-routing of routes in case of unfavorable weather or any other issues that impede the flow of parcels.

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