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How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry?

Food and Beverages | Monday, October 19, 2020

Artificial intelligence is gaining ground in the beverage industry and its suppliers, and there is no denying that the beverage industry is making better use of it.

FREMONT, CA: Many speculations prevail about how AI can be integrated into the relevant business models, but it cannot be denied that the beverage industry is making greater utilization of it. Massive amounts of data are gathered from sensors and warehousing and marketing, encouraging artificial intelligence usage for data evaluation and utilization. All company divisions generate information that can be utilized. Any meaningful usage of data needs smart systems, and artificial intelligence is increasingly being factored in as a part of this. Machines can make decisions independently using appropriate algorithms to identify data patterns and then compare and match it to behavior types.

AI can open invite new opportunities at the point of sale

Smart solutions are also expected to be used more heavily in the future at the POS, for instance, as a part of empty container return systems. These days, the vending machines can exchange information with each other through a different IoT platform. AI will allow obtaining real-time information on the number and quality of the returned empty containers and then draw corresponding conclusions based on that information.

Smartglass: The smart AI-supported communications tool doing the rounds in the beverage industry

Smartglass, which makes innovative use of AI and is therefore opening up a whole host of new opportunities for the beverage industry, bars, restaurants, and end consumers, is equally impressive. It is a drinking glass that is fitted with an NFC chip. Each NFC chip has its one-of-a-kind ID number meaning that each glass has its identity. 

The platform examines the data and can process, for instance, the type and number of drinks ordered as well as the times they were ordered clearly and concisely. The established data allows users to understand the current status quo and better plan work schedules by deciding when the extra servers should be on the floor. Bar and the restaurant managers can also analyze other things like what influence the weather has on consumption and find out which weekdays customers drink more beer or on which weekdays they tend to opt more for non-alcoholic beverages.

AI can also allow consumers to choose the right drink

Artificial intelligence can also be used in the beverage industry to help consumers choose the right drink. A beverage producer recently launched a digital app that is a prime example of exactly how this can work. It is designed to help the consumers discover their favorite whiskey-based on their answers to an array of questions about their taste and flavor preferences. 

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