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How is Modern Technology Revamping the Food and Beverage Industry?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The advancements in technology are helping businesses boost their efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the food and beverage industry.

Fremont, CA: Digitalization, changes in climate, and wellness is fueling new trends in food tech and gaining insight to a valuable consumer. The food and beverage industry has grown exponentially over a few years. Major trends such as the shift to natural ingredients, the heightened appeal of functional drinks, and a rise in artisanal spirits' popularity are at play here. Numerous new trends in the industry are powering this market expansion, and technology helps fuel evolution. 

The impact of technology in the food and beverage industry is reinventing food production and sourcing methods. Incorporating robotics, data, and applications in these applications is among the current technology used in the food and beverage industry and can provide greater efficiencies. Technology can also improve processing and packaging techniques. The manufacturers are highly dependent on technology to produce efficiently for the world's ever-expanding population.

Here is a few of the latest technology used in the food and beverage industry.

Artificial intelligence

Top 10 Food and Beverage Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2019AI provides a massive potential for the growth of the food and beverage industry. Consumer demands are changing seemingly by the minute, and AI can help food and beverage businesses keep up with the pace. With the adoption of AI, food and beverage companies can get to know their customers' preferences and tastes and then use it to create new recipes and forecast inventories. By tracking the historical data for customer preferences and habits, AI can use these metrics to predict the sales cycles.

Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is instrumental in improving the performance of the food and beverage industry, especially when coupled with AI to help process the large amounts of data collected by these technologies. Analytics programs can utilize this data to identify the trends and patterns that the food and beverage business can leverage to gain a competitive edge. Many companies are also using IoT in the form of sensors.

Automated guided vehicles

The introduction of self-driving cars is inviting a new trend in the food and beverage industry. The industry held a distrust of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) previously, which are software-controlled unmanned vehicles that depend on the sensors to detect the obstacles and read the signals from devices like beacons and lasers. There has been a steady shift in industry opinion towards technology, specifically when self-driving cars gain mainstream acceptance. 

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