How is Technology Revamping the Beverage Industry?

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Tuesday, January 19, 2021

As commonly said, innovation is the mother of progress, and with the evolution of innovation, driving industries, food, and beverage is no different. 

Fremont, CA: The prolonged march of developing technologies seems to facilitate groundbreaking change in every facet of lives. But one area that might escape consideration in this acknowledgment of continuous improvement is beverages. The supply chain for the most popular libations is a dynamic juxtaposition of sophisticated chemical processes and fickle customer perceptions. The combination of these two factors is what is changing the face of the business as it is seen. Better methods, high-efficiency equipment, more accurate quality control measurement, might impact the final product, but new technologies that leverage customer engagement are taking center stage.


The evolving economy is comprised of complex circumstances affecting a wide array of stakeholders. Besides, the sharing of information and quick access to data is causing the pace of business to accelerate at a rapid rate. This combination of the decision-making factors and fast pace indicates that companies without actionable insights are deemed to fall back.

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020Therefore, the beverage industry is taking a Big Data approach to common issues. This approach helps the proactive firms by using ubiquitous data collection to actively better the product quality and consistency, resulting in a better brand reputation and greater market penetration.

The Cloud

With businesses striving to optimize profits, revenue streams are not the only ones receiving scrutiny. With benefits as strong customer engagement and data-driven insights, lowering overhead costs by optimizing how an organization functions can give essential savings when working to remain competitively viable. Thus, businesses have adopted the much-hyped and still-young Cloud to change the face of operations.

Social Media

As firms are adopting internal optimization protocols that are capable of reducing operating costs, the left-over piece of the puzzle lies with customers. Ubiquitous social media and its potential for customer engagement, has drastically changed the picture of running a business, and the beverage industry is no exception to this fact. New engagement opportunities mean both responsive companies and active relationships.

The impact of social media is a secret to no one, and while business practices involving these platforms are still quite young, drink-makers are tapping into the platform in tune. This new standard of communication is elevating customer service capabilities and expectations in tandem. 

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