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How Going Digital Impacts the Food & Beverage Community

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How is Technology Transforming the Beverage Industry

Food and Beverages | Friday, February 25, 2022

Smart technologies are taking over the beverages sector, from streamlining the supply chain to delivering dozens of new marketing options

Fremont, CA: Smart technologies are ushering drinks into a new digital era, from smart manufacturing to artificial intelligence-driven robots. Smart technology will become more crucial for boosting efficiency in beverage manufacturing, monitoring products at every step of the supply chain, and marketing products to an increasingly tech-savvy customer base as drinks companies face growing pressure in the future. However, due to the rapidity with which such technologies show a transformation, it can be difficult to keep track of them.

Technologies are changing the beverage industry

Smart manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturers benefit from the so-called fourth industrial revolution, due to automation and internet of things technologies. Increased automation through robotics and smart technology has increased productivity, lowered manufacturing costs, and improved worker safety. Smart sensors installed on packaging lines could make it easier to fill a variety of beverage containers and alter formats on the fly. They also collect information that allows beverage manufacturers to keep track of their supplies.

Big data

Big data might be a key driver for the beverage industry when it comes to enhancing insights across the supply chain. Businesses are developing enterprise resource planning software to provide them with an online platform that gathers real-time data and supports them in deciding the best ways to improve the production of fizzy drinks, shakes, alcohol, and other beverages.

Smart packaging

Each year, billions of dollars are lost in the food and beverage industries as a result of situations when products are purposely mislabeled, diluted, or tampered with before reaching customers. Smart packaging solutions are gaining popularity as a way for businesses to track the validity of their products throughout the supply chain. Future technologies could be built on top of smart packaging.

Sugar reducing technologies

Concerns about the ill effects of sugar consumption have led to the introduction of additional taxes in nations like the United Kingdom, with soft drinks and sugar-laden drinks being singled out as a specific vector for bad consumer behaviors. As the sweetener market grows, beverage companies have been attempting to offer reduced or sugar-free versions of their products.

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