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How Process Automation is Helping Fast-Food Businesses

Food and Beverages | Monday, October 11, 2021

The fast-food companies will have a better chance of coming out of this pandemic undamaged and stronger if they use process automation.

FREMONT, CA: A crisis is a catalyst for invention. People and organizations must adjust to the new normal when regular life goes down the wrong path and all the norms change, which means adopting new ideas and technology to assist smooth the road.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the business practices, at least momentarily. Process automation has helped in the fight to survive during a global lockdown. People are about to look at how the fast-food businesses are surviving by utilizing digital transformation technology. These principles are applicable to any business, irrespective of size or sector.

The Pandemic Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc on the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment sectors since March 2020. People have been reluctant to visit many of the establishments they used to due to lockdowns, quarantines, and other social distancing efforts.

Any company that wishes to survive the pandemic in 2020 has to learn to adapt and leverage developing technologies and new pandemic-driven business procedures to assist them in managing the problem. But various success stories can serve as a model for other businesses to follow to survive.

The benefit of Digital Transformation

The fast-food business, which has used digital transformation to reorganize its workload and employees, is one of the most significant successful projects. Also, through process automation and digital marketing, fast food restaurants have discovered how to capture more value from their operations.

Restaurants, for example, had to struggle with lockdowns and limited indoor seating capacity when dining isn't overtly prohibited. Several businesses opted for drive-through, delivery, or contactless pickup takeaway to keep their cash flow going. Consumers could order food on the restaurant's website or mobile apps, pay their bill in advance and arrange a pickup time. The consumer then picked up their food with relatively little human contact, and everyone was satisfied.

Online orders are convenient to place and make the tedious task of accepting orders and processing payments a more comfortable and efficient experience. Additionally, orders placed online are more accurate and reliable than those placed at the drive-through, when customers shout at the microphone, assuming the waiter hears them.

Restaurant companies have even invested in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to better schedule order preparation and send every step of the order to the appropriate automated station or employees.

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