Rethinking Industrial Security And Functional Safety In The New Normal

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How Marco's Pizza Leaned On Technology To Succeed Amid The Pandemic By Quickly Pivoting To Contact-Free Delivery And Curbside Carryout

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How Marco's Pizza Leaned on Technology to Succeed amid the Pandemic by Quickly Pivoting to Contact-free Delivery and Curbside Carryout

By Rick Stanbridge, VP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

How Marco's Pizza Leaned on Technology to Succeed amid...

How Tableside Ordering Technology Help in Enhancing Restaurant Reputation?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The restaurant industry is being bombarded with new technologies every day. What the new tableside ordering technology has to offer?

FREMONT, CA: From the last few years, technology has taken the restaurant industry to the next level and has modified much of the core operations of the business. Tableside ordering technology is the new emerging technology that is making a significant impact on the business.

Today, in this fast-paced world, people expect all their things to be done quickly. Therefore, speeding up the dining times has become the top priority for owners. Tableside ordering solutions help restaurant employees as well as owners in numerous ways.

1. Increased preciseness of orders

Tableside ordering increases the accuracy of orders. The orders placed on tablets reduce the chances of servers making mistakes. This is extremely helpful as sometimes servers find it difficult in managing to write all the special requests or write down a part of it. They might not remember the order entirely by the time they reach the stationary POS system.

This affects customer experience negatively. Also, if the mistake is not found prior to reaching the kitchen, it can have a negative impact on food costs and waste as well.

Tableside ordering system helps to combat all these problems.

2. Decrease receipt printer usage and paper

Not all individuals need a paper receipt while paying with cash or credit card unless they are a businessman or business party.

Tableside ordering technology help in cutting back on the paper waste, while saving extra money. Restaurants invest a lot in handfuls of rolls of receipt paper per day. The number can be even higher in the case of busy restaurants.

3. Enhanced service speed 

Top Food Service Management Solution Companies

Lessening dining time aids the restaurants in getting more clients in and out of their doors. The quicker the workers can turn tables, the more the number of guests they will be able to serve, which eventually leads to restaurants earning more revenue.

For example, time taken by the servers in greeting the customer on the table and instantly taking their drink order by using tableside ordering technology is much lesser than the time taken by servers coming back and forth to take order of the customers.

4. Security

Diners sometimes hand over their credit cards without having a second thought that their cards might get handed over to somebody else. Hence, fraud is generally common in these type of cases.

Tableside ordering devices eliminates this issue as a customer’s credit card will never be away from their sight or the safety of their hands.

Hence, the restaurant must go out and look for current POS software provider for table software so that they can test tableside ordering with their guests and enhance their customer experience.

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