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Innovations and Technology in the Poultry Industry

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How Technology Can Bring Modern Food Services?

By Food and Beverages | Thursday, October 10, 2019

It is the start of a most radical renovation of the foodservice industry, where the restaurant owners are elevating the level of services provided rather than leaving it all for the technological innovations to handle.

FREMONT, CA: Previously, technological innovations were related to ordering food from an app, transaction of bills. But in the present time, restaurant owners are upping the stake by taking the game to a higher level by experimenting with the technology. 

From the launch of interactive smart tables and virtual bars to robots taking the place of servers, restaurateurs are transfiguring the foodservice industry in every possible way. It ultimately helps the owners to serve in an improved technique as well as achieve enhanced customer experience.

Smart Tables:

Restaurant owners have come up with electronic tech tables, where the customers can interact with the dining table having an electronic screen. The tech tables can help in keeping the customers engaged with live scores of sports, personalized offers, tracking their orders, paying their bills, and much more. The electronic table can help in splitting the bill between the number of diners on the table as well as provide scanning codes in case of e-wallet payments.

Furthermore, it reflects the real-time prices of the drinks depending on the fluctuations and allows customers to vote for as per the market price. The new-age bar aims to alleviate the experience of ordering and makes it more exciting than stressful for millennial customers.

Virtual Bar:

There are a few new kinds of virtual bars that allow the customers to reserve their favorite brands and consume it later. It has features that can explore from a wide range of alcohol beverages, pre-pay, and book them. It also has a specific wallet dedicated to the customers, which shows its aims to redefine the beverage industry. The methods provide exclusive privileges to the customers to purchase their brands at a special price and save their bottle until the next outing. 

Innovative Robot:

Travel food and retail companies have unveiled the robots, the latest in technology that makes the customer experience more fun and interactive. The robot facilitates activities and engages with the customers by providing them with menu details along with the restaurant recommendations. It is a real example of how AI can help in enhancing customer satisfaction and drive productivity.

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