Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

By David Morton, Founder and Proprietor at DMK Restaurants

Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

By Douglas Brown, Director of Technology, Compass Group

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

By Kevin Myers, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, Donatos Pizza

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

Technology for Improving Hospitality

By TJ Schier, President, SMART Restaurant Group

Technology for Improving Hospitality

How Technology can Increase the Revenue of the Restaurant Industry

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Technology can help transform restaurant management by digitalizing operations and increase the restaurant's revenue.

FREMONT, CA: Restaurants can increase their sales and revenue if they have inter-team communication, enhanced table turnover, or decreased waste. It is not easy to achieve it, but they can do it by applying technology and automating processes that will help them to make their business operations more efficient. Techniques will not only increase productivity but will also augment the customer experience

Here is some of the ways how restaurants can use the power of technology to bring a change in the internal process of their business. 

Material Handling

A restaurant needs to maintain freshness, especially if it is dealing with raw and fresh products to prevent loss of revenue. Recently various technology has been utilized that can preserve the quality of the food. For instance, many digital tools can decrease food wastage. Top 10 Restaurant Management Solution Companies - 2019

These devices can even connect the cloud kitchens with commercial kitchens to evaluate the amount of food that gets wasted. Therefore, restaurant chefs can make the required improvements to reduce food waste when they receive real-time data. 

Accounts Payable Automation

For a long time, various industries have been using accounts payable automation. But recently, restaurant owners have started applying such technologies as smart process automation, API integration, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to fulfill their requirements. 

Even though the restaurant businesses are different and have their requirements, it is possible to automate the accounts payable to a certain point. Therefore, the restaurants can easily digitalize their invoices and save every history of their transactions efficiently. It will also help the restaurants to save money, time, and human resources. 

Quality Control

The restaurants can identify issues at an early stage that might become a bigger problem by applying technologies like IoT sensors in the warehouses. Temperature fluctuations can be harmful to the perishable food, but using IoT will help the restaurant owners to monitor that. 

Applying such technologies can be a new concept, but it can save time and even increase revenue.

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