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How the Beverage Industry is Advancing with Technologies

Food and Beverages | Friday, June 12, 2020

The beverage companies have to catch up with the rapidly advancing technologies to mark their place in the market.

FREMONT, CA: The beverage industry is rapidly evolving with the help of technology in terms of warehousing and customer demand. The technology helps beverage producers enhance quality control, speed up the product staging and sorting, and efficiently restore items. These tasks rely on technology, which has an enormous effect on warehouse operations. There are so many innovations, such as warehouse management systems and automated controlled vehicles, which are gaining immense popularity. This benefits warehouse operations, including increasing accuracy and decreasing errors, creating a better working environment and boosting productivity. Here's a look at some trends that are reshaping the beverage industry.

Flow-through Sortation

Top 10 Beverage Tech Companies - 2020Beverage companies are bringing distribution centers, sorted and sequenced, to easily restore shelves on the same day. There are several operations that consider the flow-through sorting method to simplify the task of restocking. It's more of an automated storage and retrieval system that has wheels like structure to automatically push around. This system also incorporates robotic palletizing and de-palletizing, enabling scalability, modularity, and flexibility while carrying totes, trays, and cases.

Equipment Innovation

Industry operations are being revamped on to provide enhanced customer service that can raise productivity and improve delivery. eCommerce websites have made it easier for the food and beverage industries to order products anytime and anywhere consumers desire, and has led to the beverage companies adopting order profiles. This gives businesses more options for handling a large scale retail order and trifling e-commerce order.


Voice technology is not new in the market. However, the beverage industry has just realized the potential of this technology in its sector and has started adopting it largely. Voice enables beverage companies to reduce or eliminate certain costs. It also allows for improved accuracy in the beverage industry. The picking of orders has improved to a great extent due to the use of voice technology. Earlier, portable scanner tools that had a total of nine steps were used to cover up the picking process. Now, with Voice, the steps are reduced by 40 percent. It's also a great way to reduce mis-picks and pick errors by lowering handheld scanners to 50 percent.

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