How To Sway Away Employee Theft at Restaurants?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Employee thefts in restaurants are common, and managers have to take necessary steps before losing vast amounts in the robberies.

FREMONT, CA: Employee theft is increasing nowadays, and restaurants have to take immediate action against this. There are many forms of employee theft, and there are many ways to detect and prevent it. Here are some ways to deter stealing from a quick-service restaurant every day.

Embrace cash handling procedures

By having established procedures for handling cash, restaurants can stop stealing by employees, whether on purpose or accidentally. According to quick-service management, the following rules can keep money safe.

• Allow access only for managers

• Allow one cashier to use every drawer and make sure that the cash in the drawers is counted after every shift.

• Counter after every manager’s shift

• Count cash in the presence of security cameras

Maintain a stringent meal policy

Not all restaurants have a meal policy. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of all quick-service restaurant employees eat for free, irrespective of the policy. Even if the employees ring up their meals, nearly 40 percent of employee meal discounts are inaccurate. To avoid this, restaurants ought to make meal policy specific and easy to find. Thus, posting in the kitchen or the employee handbook can help achieve the objective. Also, hotels can ring up employees’ meals at a register and keep the receipt with the cash drawer. Therefore, having a meal policy is mandatory as it could prevent losing massive amounts to employee meals.

Utilize software to monitor price adjustments

The most significant source of employee theft results directly from sales adjustments at the registers. Over-rings, voids, and returns can result in a lot of lost revenue, and it is challenging to keep track of them without assistance. Many software tools are available in the market to monitor track trends, register adjustments, and alert about suspicious activity. Restaurants should identify the appropriate software to keep a close eye on register adjustments.

As long as security cameras are used, it can deter robberies. Hotels can install cameras that are not linked to anything where their presence alone will prevent a certain amount of theft.

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