IBM and eProvenance Announce Availability of VinAssure

By Food and Beverages | Monday, December 21, 2020

Kevin Lobo, Food and Beverage Tech Review

IBM and eProvenance, announced the availability of VinAssure from eProvenance, which is a new, IBM blockchain-powered platform to track wines.

FREMONT, CA: IBM and eProvenance announce the availability of VinAssure from eProvenance, which is a new, IBM blockchain-powered platform that provides a smarter and highly secured method to track wines as they move through the distribution from vineyard to consumer. By inspiring transparency, accountability, and the rapid exchange of data, VinAssure helps to ensure that the world's best winemakers' accurate methods are not undermined by supply chain mistakes, misinformation, or unsuitable conditions during transit. VinAssure is developed to increase the growth of a new wine industry environment that offers consumers more information at their fingertips to guarantee the wines they purchase meet their expectations.

VinAssure runs on IBM Cloud and is developed on IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, which is constructed for utilizing innovative technologies that include blockchain, AI, and cloud to optimize the result for every participant. With the help of VinAssure, the group can consist of wine producers, n©gociants, importers, transporters, distributors, restaurants, and retailers. It can also help in increasing traceability, efficiency, and profitability in the wine supply chain through a permissioned, permanent, and shared record of data.

The first associate of VinAssure is De Maison Selections, which is a U.S. importer of responsibly sourced wines, cider, and spirits from independent producers in Spain and France. As VinAssure membership will increase, the supply chain members and consumers can access information spanning from the vineyard through transport and delivery, which is authenticated and stored on the blockchain. By utilizing the current identifiers, like a QR code on the bottle, consumers can learn, for example, about the wine's origin and flavor profiles, or if it meets certification standards for organic, biodynamic, or sustainability practices.

"We believe wine communicates a strong sense of the place and the culture of those who contributed to its creation. We honor our winemakers and their goods by protecting wines through temperature-controlled transport and storage from the cellar to our customers," said Andr© Tamers, owner of De Maison Selections. "We believe the future of the wine industry lies in verifiable provenance, transparency and traceability. VinAssure™ makes it possible for our distribution partners and end consumers to see, understand and appreciate what went into crafting the wines they buy and what it takes for us to maintain the wine's quality from the vineyard to the glass."

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