Important Features of a Self-Servicing Kiosk

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Important Features of a Self-Servicing Kiosk

Kiosks in a restaurant can minimize lines, reduce labor expenses, and offer them the potential to remain competitive in the fast-changing market.

FREMONT, CA: Long queues and wait times irritate customers and make them less likely to return to the restaurant. Popular restaurants around the world have developed novel solutions to eliminate the source of frustration. They created an app that allows customers to order and pay ahead of time, then pick up their orders whenever they want. The application that they have developed is known as self-service kiosks.

Creating a self-service solution that adds real value to the guests starts by learning about their needs and pain points so that it becomes easy to figure out how to serve them with a restaurant ordering kiosk better. Owners can choose their UX strategy, UI design, and features once they have established their value proposition.

A value proposition canvas will help the restaurant owners to visualize the value the product can provide. This canvas is divided into two sections: a value proposition map and a customer profile, each of which comprises three blocks.

Essentials of building self-order kiosk software

User Experience

They must first understand their target customers to build a user journey that meets their customers' requirements.

Choose a language

It is necessary to choose the languages that are used in the particular region. It is also essential to keep English because it is the most widely used language, and it will be comfortable for the people who cannot speak the local language. 

Eat-in or take away

As per the Insights Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Study by Off-Premise, 60 percent of customers surveyed order takeout. According to the National Restaurant Association, 61 percent of millennials and 46 percent of older adults are influenced by the availability of delivery and takeout while choosing a restaurant.

Order and customize dishes

Customers can order menu items and add or remove ingredients to make them their own. The chefs must be in charge of producing authentic and delicious dishes, but the customers should be in charge of putting the finishing touches on them.


Customers proceed to checkout and payment after making their choices. Customers can pay using a regular credit card terminal if restaurants have fully integrated credit card processing. They may also use NFC to make contactless payments.

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