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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Technology: Game Changer for Food Industry

Food and Beverages | Friday, March 08, 2019

Industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology has a massive impact on four major areas of the food industry. These four areas; food safety, product quality, packaging, and personnel are integral parts of the food manufacturing process benefitting profits to the food companies. The food industry is revolutionizing these areas by using new innovative ways to optimize processing and perform smooth operations.

More AI-enabled sensors, motors, and controllers are installed in an IIoT based plants with increasing demand for more variety of flavors in food products.

Food management in restaurants is finding IIoT as a winner because it has proved to mitigate risks related to compliance, liability and operating costs. Restaurants with right IIoT device and monitoring systems are having a valid digital point of service and automating tasks. IIoT can save long-term costs through small investments solutions.

Restaurant owners are benefitting from launching IIoT devices and monitoring systems. These IIoT devices and monitoring systems provide constant monitoring, cloud management with app interfaces, notifications and reliable documentation that integrates well with analysis software.

With best practices of using IIoT tech restaurants and food companies can reduce risks of foodborne illness, food spoilage, human errors, and non-compliance problems.  IIoT tech helps in alerting any appliance vulnerabilities preventing costly malfunctions or dangerous outcomes.

IIoT technology can indicate potential issues before they become real problems. IIoT monitors voltage use and also other predictive maintenance factors.

Reliable IIoT technology which is user-friendly and durable is the key to successful technology upgrades. With the adoption of IIoT technology, the future of internet-connected food plants is empowered with food processing facilities. These facilities come with unprecedented access to real-time data.

By using IIoT technology food companies and restaurants are gaining a firm handle on daily operations, resources, and energy management, inventory, speed and accuracy of service, quality and safety of food, wastage, and equipment maintenance.

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