Innovative Strategies that can Change the Future of Food

Food and Beverages | Friday, August 21, 2020

Agriculture industry has started adopting the new technologies so that they can improve the quality of their crops, and also protect the climate.

FREMONT, CA: One of the oldest professions in the world is farming. The world of agriculture and farming have evolved over the years with the adoption of technology. Today, several technologies can be adopted to solve many issues, including climate change.

Here's a list of 3 critical factors, according to the experts that took part in the Forbes AgTech Summit, that will impact the future of food supply.

1.   Regenerative Agriculture

It is estimated that agriculture emissions almost one-third of the human greenhouse gas. Farms can reverse the trend if they try and make changes in agriculture practices. Farmers can make changes by planting more cover crops like grasses or rotating crops, and also make use of the organic fertilizers, such as manure, in place of chemical fertilizers.

With soil becoming healthier, the farmlands can draw down carbon from the atmosphere and balance global warming. This type of agriculture not only protects the land but also naturally improves resources.

2.    Better Microbes to grow more Food

Microbes also play an essential role in farming because the good bacteria help the plant to grow faster while the harmful fungi can destroy the crops. Some companies have started engineering microbes so that they can protect the plants as well as improve their growth. 

Companies are trying to reduce the usage of fertilizers by using genetically engineered microbes for providing more nutrients to the crops.

3.     Plants- The Future of Meat Consumption

In the midst of concerns about nutrition and climatic change, the meats based on plants have become a popular alternative for the traditional meat items like hamburgers or sausages. Companies are trying to tempt the customers with their soy-based food products as they are trying to make products like sausage or burgers with soybeans instead of actual meat.

The use of modern technology in agriculture has broadened its appeal. Techniques have also increased job prospects in the agricultural sector, which includes engineering, software development, marketing, and much more.

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