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Is it Technology on the Menu?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, June 20, 2019

In this ultra modern world where the POS structure and functionality change their landscapes over time, the restaurants have to make progress with the menu maintenance mindset.

FREMONT, CA: The companies today not only offer imperative business information but also simplify the maintenance of a consistent menu database across the brand. The days are gone where customers had to connect to each restaurant separately and add menu items along with fax sales and product mix reports back to the office. The arrival of the enterprise system has brought developments in the traditional process of maintaining a menu. A single menu item can be presented differently depending on the store it belongs to, as they create numerous versions of the item responsible for that behavioral difference, which tends to beat the purpose of an enterprise system.

Plan It Out:

The age-old menu planning has shifted to a structured database to satisfy individual store requirements and meet broader company requirements. It is essential to observe every store separately and be familiar with its unique way of using POS. The collection of information from different fields regarding the menu flow can help in the emergence of similar properties eventually build blocks for the enterprise design.

Loading the Data:

Once the different store groups are created, the process of data entry can start and to remain constant in the statistics, the initial programming has to be done at the highest tier possible and pushed downward. The mapping of the single menu item holds the reliability of technology partners and enterprise reports from the system unless the duplicates are made, and the data goes unreliable and complex to fuse. The enterprise systems carry a hierarchy structure that includes the main items in place both in the enterprise and groups created and navigate to different groups to fit in the adjustments. The stores will change the item’s behavior is altered.

Lab Tests:

Every adjustment requires testing and justification before it is launched to stores. The method of lab testing can include enterprise report confirmation and make sure the information from the lab is settling the reports precisely.


An effective menu launch requires planning, tough work, creative structure, validation, communication, and training, after which the menu changes can be implemented throughout the brand with assurance. The landscape of POS has changed for good and shall remain a developing technology throughout.



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