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Private Virtual Cloud

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Private Virtual Cloud

Is Technology the Key to Food Safety?

Kevin Lobo, Food and Beverage Tech Review | Monday, October 26, 2020

Technology is demystifying the riddle of food safety.

FREMONT, CA: The food industry is increasingly gaining a highly transformative makeover with technology. While most of the food business companies in the modern industry are looking to optimize the way they handle food. In addition to this, food business players are today integrating their efforts with smart control mechanisms in order to bolster the safety and preservation of food. High tech food safety systems provide restaurants with advanced and intuitive management functionalities.

Top 10 Food Safety Services Companies - 2020Technology is acting as a reliable instrument in boosting the safety of food. Be it the monitoring of temperature in the refrigerator or the storage drives of food in the commercial kitchen, the temperature has more or less become the key to solve the puzzle of food safety. By using the long-range, low-power, and high-speed wireless communication protocols as an integral part of the internet of things technology, modern restaurants can give adequate care to perishable and rare food. With the application of IoT technology, food businesses can constantly stay in touch with the food supply chain right from the first actor being the farmer to the receiver of food at the business.

The technology of data analytics is increasingly gaining traction in the industry of food and beverage. Along with this, a lot of modern players are using high tech and smart control mechanisms that enable realistic and instantaneous monitoring of food in the kitchen. Analytics software solutions help the food companies in setting the vitals such as temperature, pressure, humidity, freezing conditions, and more of the food storage facilities at optimum values. The power of the technology of AI adds the advantage of intelligence that is combined with automation.

Such an application of technology automatically looks after the food storage mechanisms, keeps a check on the food that is being stored, and also notifies the restaurant managers of the perishing state of the food and educates them about the right value of the vital values that would be suitable of the storage of food.   

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