Opportunities for food Technology providers in Cultivated food Industry

By Pallevi Srivastva,Ph.D., Lead Scientist, Head of Cell Culture Media & Process Development, Wild Type, Inc.

Opportunities for food Technology providers in Cultivated...

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By Thad Simons, Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Yield Lab

Poultry Tech in a Digital World

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By Asim Syed, Director, Food Applications R&D, Brenntag North America

Plant-Based Meat Analog, Scope and Future

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Is the Hotel Industry Ready to Go High-Tech in 2020?

By Food and Beverages | Friday, January 10, 2020

Performing the right systems in a proposed way can undoubtedly increase revenues of restaurants.

FREMONT, CA: The restaurant industry is at the summit of evolution. From the self-service booths to robotic kitchens, in the last years, the restaurant industry has seen innovations that are hard to settle old and new players. The ones who are quick to change and adapt are the real winners attaining and retaining a huge part of customers, and who still consider whether to jump or not are just losing the market share, also the ability to subsist.

Restaurants are now performing the online ordering and delivery facilities far more than ever. Online ordering tools allow restaurants to personalize their offerings based on real-time data. The restaurant industry platform seems to have adopted the robot technology to a high level. A robot restaurant is the latest trend, and at a cost that makes them a good investment. They are creating a futuristic experience for the diners.

Another popular technology is facial recognition, which is very much in the mainstream today. Facial recognition technology helps the restaurant managers to track and repeat customers to create delightful guest experiences. At the beginning of 2019, it was surveyed and estimated that 1 out of 6 adults owned a voice-activated smart speaker in the United States. At present, they are being adopted even faster than the smartphone. Almost  65% of people say that they are entirely dependent on the voice assistant.

Another question that pops up is, "what do restaurants have to do with this technology?"  Almost 34% of the voice assistant users utilize the technology to order food online. Big chain restaurants such as Panera took notice of this growing trend and launched their voice approaches.

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