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Kerry Launches a New Sustainability Calculator

Food and Beverages | Friday, May 14, 2021

To assist breweries in the making beer more sustainably, Kerry has released an online calculator that can aid beer makers to see what the potential is for their brewery situation.

FREMONT, CA: Kerry, the leading taste and nutrition company, launches a new sustainability calculator that allows brewers to seamlessly analyze the potentially significant advantages of using sustainable brewing processing aids and enzymes. The tool's purpose is to allow people involved in the brewing sector to quickly see what cost savings and environmental sustainability get could be delivered to their unique brewery situations.

The sustainability calculator focuses on raw materials, brewing operations, and waste management. With these three components accounting for 35 percent of a beers overall environmental impact, the tool highlights attainable opportunities for brewers who want to reduce their environmental and bottom-line costs without incurring capital expenditures.

The calculator process starts by asking for the preferred measurement in barrels or hectoliters and then the brewery size. Respondents are asked to check boxes regarding five objectives that will assist in analyzing each brewery's unique situation. Each of these manages with brewing solutions that don't need a capex budget to implement, making them highly accessible. Respondents are asked which of these are of interest to their brewery,

The sustainability calculator then quantifies the positive impacts of using Kerry's brewing solutions. Applying all five solutions can offer significant cumulative results. These outcomes, verified by a third-party sustainability technical analysis, can deliver up to 19 percent energy use reductions, CO emissions reductions of 41 percent, and cost savings.

While progress toward sustainability in every brewery has its unique trajectory, there are impressive possibilities available to aid all breweries in reducing environmental and brewing costs. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated consumer interest in sustainability, opening up opportunities for brewers to take a progressive position on this topic. The latest targeted brewing ingredients and enzymes offer brewers a suite of product options to enhance sustainability within their production processes as they simultaneously reduce costs. With sustainability never as essential as today, these solutions will appeal to brewers seeking to improve their sustainability efforts, mitigate their carbon footprint, lower production costs, and develop a brand message that will resonate with customers.

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