Digital Transformation: At the cross roads of Technology Architecture and Relationship Management

By Jason Breazeale, Senior Director - Digital and Restaurant Technology, Denny’s

Digital Transformation: At the cross roads of Technology...

The Art of Hybrid Restaurant Management

By Steve Smyth, Director of Restaurant technology, Taco John’s International

The Art of Hybrid Restaurant Management

Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

By David Morton, Founder and Proprietor at DMK Restaurants

Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

By Douglas Brown, Director of Technology, Compass Group

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

Key Reporting Best Practices for Restaurants to Keep their Business on Track

Food and Beverages | Thursday, June 30, 2022

Reporting is a crucial component of business operations since it makes the restaurant's financial position easier to understand.

FREMONT, CA: The restaurant sector is one of many that are becoming increasingly data-driven. There is no disputing that manually reporting restaurants can take a lot of time. Restaurant owners or managers prefer to devote their time to more important activities like hiring and training chefs or updating the menu's daily specials. However, reporting on restaurants is much simpler, thanks to modern technologies. Data reporting is made possible by handy digital technologies like integrated restaurant management systems or point of sale (POS) systems. Additionally, it gives managers or business owners a way to defend whatever decisions they make on hiring, menu planning, or customer service practices.

Evaluate and choose the best reporting solutions

Some point-of-sale systems are all-inclusive solutions that take care of all required business functions. Restaurant software whether human resources (HR), payroll, bookkeeping, loyalty programs, or employee training, are specially created for one function. Restaurants should look into the reports a potential POS system may provide and compare the costs and features of similar software. Restaurant owners and managers can access a wealth of web tools and discussion boards to help them choose the right reporting solutions.

Utilizing reports of CoGS and P&L

Restaurants must calculate their cost of goods sold (CoGS) to remain profitable. Managers and owners may pinpoint precisely where their business is gaining or losing money with the aid of a profit and loss (P&L) statement. For any restaurant or business, CoGS and P&L paperwork are crucial. CoGS and P&L data can be determined using product mix and menu information. After consulting CoGS and P&L figures, owners and managers can defend adding or removing menu items. It could be time to take an item from the menu if it is not making any money.

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Improve customer experience 

If a POS system includes a CRM component, management can access customer contact information, feedback, order history, and other information to understand consumer behavior better. Managers and business owners can learn more about the clients they serve by utilizing a CRM report. For instance, restaurants can send targeted marketing messages to keep consumers interested and entice them to dine there again. Gaining consumer insights through reporting is worthwhile.

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