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Latest Trends in the Food Packaging Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Thursday, June 10, 2021

Emerging trends in the food packaging industry are highly influenced by the demand for smart, clean, convenient, and sustainable solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Every year, the food packaging sector confirms to be vibrant and fiercely competitive. So even if people are not business owner, they may be interested in the packaging trends to look out for.

As the food packaging industry is so broad and diverse, people can always expect new packaging solutions to hit the market at the start of every new year. People are always searching for the latest trend, the newest food, and what impresses them the most is the shiny new packaging that provides convenience, a longer shelf life, and a shiny new wrapper.

Food packaging has a significant impact on customer behavior, such as who purchases it, when, where, and why. Smart food packaging is both functional and appealing to consumers. Latest trends and innovations emerge as a result of changing consumer preferences.

As technology advances, the food packaging sector has undergone some radical changes. The design has become more innovative, and packaging testing methods have significantly enhanced. These trends help the food packaging sector to become more efficient and automated.

Technology-Enabled Solutions

Smart packaging is an ingenious method of product packaging. Technology can now be directly incorporated into the packaging to provide greater convenience, safety, and information to consumers. Food packaging may include NFC chips or printed QR codes and Smart Labels, which can be scanned with a smartphone to offer additional information about the product.

Smart packaging also monitors pH, temperature, and fermentation parameters to guarantee freshness, flavor, quality, and compliance with health standards.

Emotional Engagement

Consumers are looking for more than just a product. They would like to be a part of the story. According to studies, people are influenced more by emotions when it comes to brand decisions than by facts. As a result, emotional contents are the most common in advertising, social media, and consumer behavior, with positive sentiments guiding the path.

Transparent and Clear Labelling

People are aware of what they eat. Even though food packaging contains ingredient details, reading the fine print can be difficult. Companies are using clear labelling and transparent packaging to mention the contents of their products. Clean labelling can help companies elevate the brand identity while also assisting customers in making an informed purchase. 

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