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LivingPackets launches the second generation of its intelligent packaging THE BOX

Food and Beverages | Thursday, July 16, 2020

Powerful features bring a new delivery experience, security, and convenience to e-commerce companies and their customers.

FREMONT, CA: LivingPackets, a European start-up, unveiled the second generation of its intelligent packaging THE BOX. This new generation will enable e-commerce companies to offer a new level of convenience and security for deliveries to their customers. The new generation features significant improvements like an integrated camera, up to 32l internal space, new sensors, a new automatic holding mechanism, an electromagnetic lock with a TSA interface, and a 7.8 inch E Ink display Gorilla Glass.

"Hundreds of companies approached us last year to work with THE BOX and we learned a lot during our first market tests," says co-founder and CEO Alexander Cotte. "All of these conversations and tests went into the development of our second generation of THE BOX. And we are now getting ready to bring this new incredible generation to market."

Unparalleled Convenience and Security for Deliveries

THE BOX delivers a new design that puts more controls at a users' fingertips while offering a new level of convenience and security to e-commerce companies, customers, and beyond. Many aspects have been reimagined and redesigned to allow for larger deliveries, make THE BOX even more robust, and offer new services for the growing number of companies and people interested in using it for their deliveries.

New Features

• Even more integrated sensors

THE BOX is now able to measure the temperature, pressure, shocks, motion, and weight insight and is also equipped with a newly added light sensor.

• New internal camera

The team added a new camera that allows the e-commerce company and its customers to check on the delivery. In combination with other sensors, this opens up several new possibilities that haven't been possible before.

• 7.8 inch E Ink display with Gorilla Glass

The larger E Ink display can display almost any shipping label that exists today, and it's both human- and machine-readable. This makes THE BOX compatible with all existing logistics solutions in warehouses and fulfillment centers and allows for an even more convenient experience.

• Speaker and microphone

THE BOX now offers a microphone that can be activated by the receiver to communicate with the mail carrier.

• Locking system

The integrated locking system secures every shipment. It doesn't just detect opening attempts, and it prevents unauthorized attempts through an electromechanical lock.

• Front handle

pops out from the front face. So you can easily carry it and don't have to put it under your arm.


• Unfolded

Volume (in liters): 32

Measurements (length/width/height in mm): 495 x 360 x 180

• Folded

Volume (in liters): 2

Measurements (length/width/height in mm): 495 x 360 x 10

Production of THE BOX launches later this year

LivingPackets started the construction of their first production line in their R&D center in Nantes (France). The company will begin mass production in Q3 this year. But staying true to their evolutionary approach, the company is already looking beyond the upcoming market launch in Germany and France.

"With THE BOX, we didn't just develop a new delivery box for online businesses. We are creating a new space of possibilities in the world of logistics," said co-founder and CTO Fabian Kliem. "We will provide millions of BOXes and the necessary infrastructure to developers and companies who have already a lot of ideas on how to use our platform to bring new experiences and solutions to millions of people."

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