How Kraft Heinz Embeds Waste Management in a Circular Economy

By Sabine Hiller, Head of Environment & Sustainability – International, The Kraft Heinz Company

How Kraft Heinz Embeds Waste Management in a Circular...

Three Major Challenges Facing Wastewater Treatment

By Juliette Franklin;Director of Sustainability,Cal-Maine Foods

Three Major Challenges Facing Wastewater Treatment

Make billions with Hydroponic Farmings High Value Cash Crops

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Hydroponic farming is considered a revolution in the framing or agriculture industry due to its capability to produce surplus food and is environmentally friendly

FREMONT CA: Farmers who grow their crops hydroponically are successful with their efforts. Hydroponic crop cultivation is more profitable than traditional farming because of pesticide-free production, soil-less growth conditions, limited or no insect ingress, effective resource usage, and a regulated environment. The following three crops, on the other hand, the following three crops can be grown hydroponically and, if consistently high-quality crops are grown, should yield a profit in most markets. It's worth noting that if one or more of these crops have already been successfully grown hydroponically in the area, people may need to carve out a niche for themselves.

Mushrooms are a successful crop regardless of grown, but producing them hydroponically gives them an edge. Mushrooms aren't grown with roots, but they can be grown "hydroponically" if that term is applied loosely.

Fruit is always a hit at farmers' markets, and when it's in season, many grocery stores cannot keep up with demand. Producing strawberries hydroponically may provide them a competitive advantage, if not all year, then at least for the ten or so months a year when traditionally grown strawberries do not gain market share. Hydroponic growers have reported that yields range from half of what field-grown varieties produce to four times as much. A big part of the enormous diversity is the variety of strawberries planted.

Herbs are a high-yielding crop. Basil is one of the few herbs that can be grown hydroponically successfully. Basil is sensitive to freezing conditions; therefore, hydroponically cultivating it makes sense because, like strawberries, it is only available for a few months each year if grown in soil. It may also bring a high monetary amount per pound compared to most other crops. Basil cultivated in a hydroponic system has a better flavor than basil grown in soil.

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