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Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

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Technology for Improving Hospitality

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Technology for Improving Hospitality

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Restaurants are Ripe for Innovation

MarginEdge and Fintech Together Introduce the World of Digitalization

Food and Beverages | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Bo Davis, Co-Founder & CEO

The strategic joint venture between MarginEdge and Fintech tends to provide a complete solution for processing the invoices without any physical data entry for beverage alcohol and food cost management, allowing them to focus on other necessary features.

FREMONT, CA: MarginEdge is a rapidly-growing restaurant management platform, which is designed to reduce the mundane paperwork and narrow down the flow of operational data has combined with Fintech, the top business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry. The partnership aims to provide the restaurant operators an end-to-end, integrated solution that enhances visibility and streamlines critical activities.

“MarginEdge is a perfect fit for our partner portfolio,” expressed Tad Phelps, President of Fintech. “Their mission of improving operational efficiencies mirrors our own, and is critical to the goal of our partnership. Together, we’re looking to give restaurateurs time back to focus on creating the best possible guest experience, without wasting hours managing their back office.”

The collaboration between MarginEdge and Fintech, focus on delivering detailed, line-item information to the restaurant owners and operators directly. They intend to provide access to data insights in order to monitor essential pricing, purchase data, and inventory KPI’s for a single location as well as across the enterprise. The restaurateurs are facilitated with an ability to see everything they bought and sold in a specific place, which helps them to contemplate on handling their customer experience rather than invoices.

“Restaurant owners don’t want to be system integrators, and bringing together MarginEdge and Fintech takes the pain and guesswork out of running the restaurant back office,” said Bo Davis, CEO of MarginEdge.

Davis also mentioned, “It’s a natural fit for restaurant managers who want the simplest and most powerful way to manage their entire alcohol category, from ordering to invoice processing, to payment and reconciliation.”

MarginEdge was featured as Food and Beverages Tech Review’s 10 Most Promising Restaurant Management Solution Providers - 2019 and was founded in 2015. It plans to build a world where restaurant operators have the liberty to concentrate on the business they have always wanted to do. By removing barren paperwork and streamlining the flow of useful data of 1,000 restaurants in 34 states, MarginEdge is reconstructing their back offices and emancipating the restaurants to invest more time on their culinary offerings and improving the guest experience.

Fintech, the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, provides a OneSource solution for beverage alcohol management fabricated to empower alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers with actionable data. Fintech delivers tactical, integrated solutions for product ordering, invoice management, data reporting, sales strategy, and regulatory resource connectivity to its clients and also connects thousands of business relationships all over the country. 

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