Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

By Casey Debruyn, Ph.d., Heartland Food Products Group

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

Keys to Reaching the Peak of a Cyber Security Program Journey

By Christine Vanderpool, VP IT Security & CISO, Florida Crystals

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Marketing Plan to Place Food Truck on the Map

Food and Beverages | Thursday, September 03, 2020

The food truck business is booming, as food available on-the-go is a popular concept customers are married to. Food trucks are encouraged and enjoyed but, only its existence is known and notified. A strong marketing plan is the key.

FREMONT, CA: The plasma state of the food truck industry sets it apart, making it essential for a personalized marketing plan to start cooking up the business of the mobile eatery. Below are ten food truck marketing strategies that will help get the company started to pull-in potential customers:

1.   Establish Your Brand:

Branding is the foundation of the business; it is essential to aesthetically brand the food truck as it will draw positive attention to the company. The brand definition can be anything from playful and sarcastic to formal, but the message should be effective and staying consistent throughout all platforms is the key. Creating a medley between brand and tastes will enhance the palette of the customer. Along with it, matching the overall theme and mood of the printed material will become the building blocks to ensure a successful business visually, and professional in communications with customers.

2. Personalize the Food Truck:

Robust marketing plans should plan for the creation of a representative name that resonates with its ideologies and overall theme. Selecting a name for a food truck is such a critical step of the process because everything from the logo to the menu items will carry that name. The title will also help with identification and carve out a place in the local market. Having a name that echoes to the consumers will strengthen the brand and help to bind together any loose ends by creating the early aspects of the brand “personality.”

3. Utilize Social Media:

Social media is a massive component of any successful business and should be leveraged to its fullest capacity. To create accounts across many platforms is one thing, but it’s another whole new avenue to use them to advantage strategically. Social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with, and its best for positive marketing.

4. Create an Eye-Catching Website:

With active social media accounts, considering a website to be redundant is a misconception, and to establish a website for a food truck marketing plan is a priority. The site serves the purpose of a fixed digital storefront to showcase the brand to potential customers. It provides what many customers are looking for, such as the finding information, hours of operation, location, menu, contact information for private events, and special requests.

5. The Importance of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when understood and utilized to leverage advantage, will help gain business rank for search results and enhance the online visibility of the food truck. There are endless ways to get the website to top the list of rankings in Google search and other engines. Knowing how to do so and developing a strategic plan that works best for the brand and business is essential.

6. Host and Participate in Local Events:

Hosting and participating in community events liked fairs, carnivals, and special occasion promotes the brand immensely and immerses the business into the local community. Whether hosting an event by the store or participating in one, it’s imperative to encourage enhanced communication and set right a place in the neighborhood.

7. Word of Mouth Marketing:

The old fashioned word of mouth marketing is the key to bringing in regular customers. Humans are the richest means of communication, and when untapped for marketing will provide extraordinary results. Word of mouth marketing will play a significant role in the business’ success.

8. User-Generated Content (UGC):

UGC is content generated and shared by unpaid contributors, or better known as fans of the brand and loyal customers. Materials like these are personal, deliver emotion towards the brand, and expand the business reach. It contains pictures, videos, blog posts, and tweets most commonly but not limited to the same.

9. Connect with Industry Leaders and Influencers:

By establishing communication and relationships with the influencers, the business can be boosted with the presence of such influencers and reputation. Opting for the right influencer to promote the business is critical as the message of the influencers should blend well with the business.

10. Loyalty Programs:

Food trucks can offer loyalty programs as they will act as incentives to those who have been regulars for the truck. This program will also help build the brand and promote expansions. Once a loyal fan base is recognized, the POS system will handle the rest. The rewards to be given needs to analyzed carefully. 



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