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How Can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Poultry...

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Incessant Innovation in Communication Tools is a Challenge

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Relying on High Quality Data to Expand the Business

Meatable Raises $47 Million Series A Funding

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Meatable is well on its way to bringing the first products to market to sustainably satisfy the world’s appetite for meat.

FREMONT, CA: Meatable closes USD 47 million in its Series A funding round, bringing the firm’s total funding to $60 million. Meatable finalized its first showcase product and aims to utilize the new funds to innovate its small-scale production at the Biotech Campus Delft and diversify its product portfolio.

The consortium includes Dr. Rick Klausner, Section 32, Dr. Jeffrey Leiden, and DSM Venturing and includes existing investors, like BlueYard Capital, Agronomics, Humboldt, and Taavet Hinrikus, showing continued assistance. They realize the positive impact cultivated meat will have on climate change, see the trillion-dollar ability of the cultivated meat marketplace, and are betting on Meatable to remediate the industry’s scalability and speed-to-market issues with its patented opti-ox technology.

The company is committed to joining Meatable in its mission to solve the world’s most pressing issues. The company has a great team and game-changing technology that can address the hurdles around the global food insecurity issues the planet is facing. Meatable’s proprietary platform technology allows a fundamentally more cost-effective and scalable production. It replicates the natural operation of fat and muscle growth in proportions that emulate conventional cuts of meat. The entire process, when fully developed, is predicted to take only weeks to produce meat, whereas it takes years to grow a live animal. Meatable’s healthy and environmentally sound technologies can enhance the human condition.

Meatable aims to create cultivated meat, for which no animals are slaughtered, fewer GHG emissions are released, and significantly less land and water are needed. Unlike plant-based alternatives, the end-product will offer the full experience of eating actual meat with the same texture, taste, and nutritional advantages.

After completing its first pork showcase product, Meatable is presently focused on developing cultivated pork and beef. Meatable’s technology is adaptable to any cell-powered species, such as cows, pigs, sheep, and fish, giving the firm a great opportunity for further product development.

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