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Napkins to Fold Before Upgrading the Catering Business

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 29, 2019

Catering can be a difficult task to fulfill, especially when the business is not streamlined and organized. By taking some calculated steps, the business can be enhanced in both quality and profits.

FREMONT, CA: Being one of the most dynamic sectors in the restaurant industry, quick-service catering is a customer favorite; wherein food-on-the-go is made available. The most crucial aspect to consider is the quality of the food. Regardless of how quickly the food is prepared, the quality should never be compromised. The quick-service catering sector presents a critical issue, a high turnover rate, the employees are in cyclic schedules, and new joiners are seen every day. It is essential to streamline this process so that operations continue even in the case of new employees. 

• Making it Simple: 

A catering menu must be simple and contain dishes that do not take extended preparation time. The average catering customers are usually colleagues discussing business over lunch, and a group of teachers from the same department. These customers need a break from routine and expect some affordable, quality food. 

The linchpins of most of the catering options are sandwiches, wraps, and salads. It is usually a plus point to offer a variety of basic options, but when it comes to bulk orders, special sauces and other condiments are best if avoided. The customers typically stack up on everything when more options are presented. To avoid this, a simple club sandwich can be quickly done without being pushed down by a variety of special orders. 

• Provide Customized Service for Repeat Visits: 

The key to obtaining repeat customers is to be thoroughly efficient with the scheduling, set-up, taking orders, and preparation. The delivery is also essential. It will make a difference if detailed notes on every single order are kept to remember and personalize them the next time. These notes should include delivery preferences, previous orders, special requests, billing information, and other details. 

• Selecting a POS System Suitable for the Company:

If the catering program in place is dedicated and constant with continuous offers for platters and box lunches, a platform which can handle the traffic and organize the orders are necessary. A platform should handle the size and scope of the business and be a business driver. 

Many platforms can integrate with current applications that manage sales and orders. POS systems should guarantee the accuracy of the team’s working and make sure all the orders are fulfilled well enough to reach daily targets. 

• Learning the art of Scaling:

If plans are made to upgrade the business into a high-volume catering order alongside maintaining restaurant targets should be considered as the stakes are high. Depending on whether the upgrade to the catering business is going to be a standalone thing or a franchise, making numerable respective decisions is necessary. In case of a franchise, the store-level data needs to be managed locally, whereas the outreach of the business should be global. 

When the business is decided to be kept within a national system, it is of high importance to utilize a software platform. A system that can access information from all customer fronts should be employed. It not only reports every single order but also maintains the customer database to keep the pace with competitors. If a sandwich chain owned by the company is barely staying afloat while shops a few towns away are doing better, a detailed analysis of data gleaned from the system becomes necessary to improve the business of the store.

• Consolidation is Key: 

Once the business is consistent, maintaining uniform efficiency is also critical. The first step starts with the production by the catering crew; the orders collected should be consolidated and put to production at once rather than cooking one plate after another. 

Operations sheets are to be organized by grouping them according to the menu and workflow. These will include a relatively detailed list of every action that needs to be executed in order from top to the bottom where bags, condiments, and napkins are to be arranged. By utilizing these sheets as the benchmark, or even a guideline to refer every time there is doubt is an excellent way to make sure all hands are on deck.



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