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New Dining Trends Restaurants Must Adopt

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The restaurants have started to follow the new trends in the industry, allowing remote ordering.

FREMONT, CA: Few would claim that 2020 for the food service industry has been an excruciating year. While assurances of a vaccine give hope that things will turn around, there is still a long recovery path. In addition to merely remaining competitive in the year to come, restaurants will struggle to eventually develop a warm, happy social experience, due to which is most people eat out in the first place.

In an attempt to comprehend what could help push the comeback of restaurants, some of the forecasts of some of the top analysts of the foodservice industry gather the trends they see just over the horizon in 2021.

Virtual Brands

Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Companies - 2020Case in point: Brinker International launched It's Only Wings in June 2020, and Meso (San Jose, Calif.) launched Meso Kebabery in August. It is expected that more brands, big and small, to test the market with virtual restaurant concepts in 2021, indicated by AF & Co.'s "Do the Hustle: 2021 Hospitality Insights & Trends Report." Digital brands are becoming the ultimate market research, enabling restaurateurs to see how a concept resonated in a specific community. But the crucial component is transparency. Consumers are demanding who is behind the brand, while convenience dominates in most situations.

Touchless Technologies

In its 2021 overview, Technomic, speaking of close to zero communication technology, states that top chains have been carrying out drive-thrus that make utilizes remote ordering and payment voice assistants, license plate recognition apps, and dedicated app order and delivery lanes. The latest digital technologies will be essential to maintain the experience secure and seamless, Technomic predicts, in a world where contactless transactions are more important than ever, and usability remains a core guest expectation.

The Great Outdoors

The global pandemic is enabling individuals outside to socialize safely. Even in places where the landscape can prove challenging, the AF & Co. team forecasts enduring interest in outdoor dining, entertainment, and event choices. Anticipate more enclosed and heated outdoor spaces that open up in the right conditions as cities relax or extend standards for outdoor structures and heating elements. Kimpton foresees innovative outdoor options in the form of winter gardens, bubbles, and domes in its 2021 Cocktail and Culinary Trends readout. The luxury hotel brand claims, Distant, intimate, and private dining will be here in the future.

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