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New, Easily Dispersible AstaPure astaxanthin Powder Ideal for Premix Applications

Food and Beverages | Thursday, February 18, 2021

Solabia-Algatech Nutrition offers astaxanthin solutions for dietary supplements and beverage concepts.

FREMONT, CA: As consumer behavior and lifestyle has significantly changed in the past 12 months, Solabia-Algatech Nutrition provides new astaxanthin solutions for today's dietary supplements and beverage concepts. The firm is releasing a microencapsulated, cold water-dispersible powder containing 2.5 percent natural astaxanthin. Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae by critical CO2, the powder completely and seamlessly disperses in cold water in seconds. The latest formulation is an ideal solution for several ready-to-mix supplements, drinks, and suspensions, including sports drinks and beverages.

Astaxanthin, a powerful natural carotenoid, is highly soluble in oil, so integrating astaxanthin into water-based liquid applications leveraged to be more challenging. The company engages a proprietary encapsulation production process that allows the astaxanthin to be seamlessly dispersed in water and keep the carotenoid's stability. The new formulation can help nutritional product producers indeveloping a complete line of products based on AstaPure, with several positionings and across many categories. The AstaPure cold water-dispersible (CWD) powder is stable compared to astaxanthin powders on the market.

AstaPure natural astaxanthin is among the potent antioxidants known, with more than 500 studies of its different health benefits, including immune support, eye health, beauty from within, healthy aging, and many more. AstaPure astaxanthin CWD is odorless and has a neutral flavor. It is suitable for many applications, like premixes and other ready-to-mix formulations, isotonic waters, sports drinks, beverages, and smoothies.

Innova Market Insights shows the top positioning in supplements with astaxanthin in 2020 are: skin health, eye health, heart health, mood, and immune support. Innova reports a 13 percent average annual growth of product launches tracked with astaxanthin. Changes in foodservice operations and services, while several public venues are closed in the last few months, have raised consumer interest in grab-and-go powder beverages with functional ingredients and specific claims.

Solabia-Algatech Nutritions' proprietary technology allows the cultivation of microalgae in a completely enclosed, environmentally friendly system, fully managed and exposed to the Arava desert's natural sunlight, which stimulates the microalgae to create high levels of astaxanthin. AstaPure aligns with the market demand for sustainable, minimally processed ingredients. The CWD powder, the AstaPure line comprises astaxanthin in the forms of oleoresins and algae powder, both available also as USDA organic-certified beadlets and softgels provided in bulk.

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