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The "Ingredients" of Innovation

New Packaging Methods to Enhance Customer Experience

Food and Beverages | Thursday, September 08, 2022

Packaging will continue to be an essential part of the customer experience with a brand. To attract new customers and keep existing ones interested, it is important to be an early adapter to new trends in the industry.

FREMONT, CA: How businesses package their products is also a factor in determining their success. Currently, consumers are showing high interest in products packaged in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. Packaging has become a deciding factor for a consumer choosing a business over another competitor. Many packaging trends are emerging, from sustainable design to product personalisation.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Packaging

Having sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is not just limited to the aim of protecting the environment but enables companies to outshine their competitors' crowds and create a positive brand image. Many companies have begun using biodegradable, compostable or recycled resources in their packaging designs as consumers are becoming more conscious of packaging waste. Due to concerns about plastic waste, it is important to reduce the volume of damaging plastics used in businesses. Therefore, exploiting a sustainable form of packaging will enhance the reputation of brands and produce more success for companies.


Over the past few years, e-commerce has observed radical growth, especially due to the pandemic's impact. The change in consumer behaviour due to the pandemic has increased the need for e-commerce packaging. Customers have high expectations for their products' delivery, user experience, and return procedures. Hence, businesses must ensure their e-commerce measures meet customer expectations to succeed in the thriving e-commerce industry. More than protecting the items, packaging leaves customers with a positive impression, attracting them to visit the store again.

Personalisation and Customisation

As customers seek reliability, personalisation and customisation are currently gaining momentum. Customisation allows brands to show that they care about buyers by going the extra step to make the packaging look impressive and professional. On the other hand, personalisation helps improve customer relationships among marketers and brings about a better customer experience and increased loyalty. Custom packaging can be made possible by utilising digital printing methods. Digital printing enables custom packaging.

Brand Storytelling

Businesses have a huge desire to engage with their customers more by sharing the story of their products and company. This is carried out by showcasing key information about a company on the packaging or even briefing ideas about a company's mission, principles, and history. Brands are approaching novel techniques to educate their consumers and build relationships as products become more attainable through e-commerce platforms. Integrating storytelling into packaging methods helps customers learn about products and features that differentiate a company from competitors.

Packaging with Technology Integration

Technology usage in packaging is likely to become widely adopted in the coming years. It is an essential aspect as innovative and highly advanced products are introduced. Changing traditional packaging into custom boxes, sweet wrappers, and fast-food packaging into augmented experiences, AI, and digital games are emerging as new packaging trends. For example, 3D rendering of packaging artwork and interactive tours enable buyers to interact with packaging differently. In addition, businesses can easily offer content and information by integrating interactive online experiences through QR codes.

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