New Technologies in the Cannabis Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Monday, May 31, 2021

Technology is taking the cannabis industry to a new level, disrupting existing practices and improving the businesses by ensuring customers find something to suit their preferences. 

FREMONT, CA: Data from recent years show that the global cannabis market has been steadily increasing. More countries are going green and legalizing cannabis to weaken the illicit market and help the economy. Manufacturers use various modern technologies to develop, sell, and distribute the best products. It assists them in remaining competitive in today's market and helps optimize the manufacturing process.

Many people grow marijuana at home for medical and recreational reasons, or they may have the opportunity to visit a 24-hour dispensary to buy their preferred cannabis. Organizations in countries where cannabis growing is legal follows the same growth processes, but on a larger scale and with advanced technology. Let's look at a few trends that have emerged in the cannabis industry:

Led Fixtures 

For years, cannabis enthusiasts have used light-emitting diodes. LED fixtures have developed their function in the last few years. Programmable LED fixtures, for example, can provide more control over the growing process than any other technology.

Almost every fixture contains light-sensing equipment that aids in coordinating output and the maintenance of a set routine. Some of the most successful cannabis businesses use this technology to enhance their products' quality and revenue.

CO2 Enrichment

CO2 enrichment is another method for producing a high-quality product. Some might claim that CO2 enrichment can be hazardous. CO2 systems, on the other hand, can be seamlessly implemented into ventilation control and help cannabis develop rapidly. Many large corporations use CO2 enrichment to grow more strong crops.

In-Put Based Controls

Input-based control is one of the most popular trends in the cannabis industry. For many years, it has been used in greenhouses and was reintroduced in 2020. Cultivators can use the system to control environmental sensors effectively. Data-driven and input-based tools make every necessary change to the systems to ensure that they do not fail the owner.

When input-based controls are integrated, the system enables growers to meet the requirements while producing the best product. As this modern system is so versatile, it can complement any greenhouse or grow room.

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