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What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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New Wave Foods Adds New Breaded Shrimp Variety To Its Growing Portfolio

Food and Beverages | Sunday, January 16, 2022

New Wave Foods has created a new offering, New Wave Shrimp, to appeal to Gen Z and Millennial eaters who are interested in sustainability and a favored flavor profile.

Fremont, CA: For the people who currently follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, plant-based seafood provides an extra dietary alternative where none previously existed. It's also a fantastic alternative for the millions of people who are allergic to seafood; these items can be a welcome addition to their diets while also providing nutritional benefits. New Wave Foods, a pioneer in the plant-based seafood industry, has expanded its product line with a breaded version of its sustainable and tasty New Wave Shrimp®.

Breaded New Wave Shrimp gives operators a menu item that fits consumers' growing interest in sustainably produced plant-based proteins while also saving them time with a freezer-to-fryer solution that has all the taste, texture, and bite of ocean shrimp.

According to Datassential, 90 percent of consumers care about sustainable seafood selections; however, only 2 percent of restaurant menus now include any sustainability statements. This is a great potential for restaurants to diversify their menus and boost traffic by offering a plant-based alternative to the most popular seafood in the US: shrimp.

"Consumers are well aware of the need for sustainable food sourcing on land, but now their attention is being drawn to the need to do the same for our oceans," comments Michelle Wolf, CEO, New Wave Foods. "With our new breaded plant-based shrimp varieties, we are providing operators even more ways to match their menu's offerings with the environmental concerns of their customers." Breaded New Wave Shrimp is vegan, free from cholesterol, and contains 5g of protein per serving with fewer calories than ocean shrimp. It has the same plate coverage as a 36/40ct ocean shrimp and provides a tasty, responsibly sourced plant-based option that is sure to appeal to climatarians, flexitarians, or anyone who enjoys the taste of breaded shrimp."

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