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Pay with the New Rising Trend at the Table

By Food and Beverages | Friday, June 28, 2019

At the end, operators who deal with the demand of the millennial generation for payment convenience as well as addressing the older generational demands for increased security can reap elevated rewards.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is the new service trend that is gaining traction in restaurants across the country. Since customers are demanding convenience all through the dining process, operators have come to use technology to meet their demand.

The Rising Trend of mPOS:

The size of the mPOS growth trend has impacted three market sectors: entertainment, health care, and hospitality. The increasingly broader embrace of pay-at-the-table solutions is helping restaurant operators in operational benefits like happy customers paying at the table and having better peace of mind.

Benefits of mPOS:

Some technology solutions that benefit customers and operators individually, but the mPOS system serves both the entities equally. On the other hand, tableside payment processing has profits that affect the complete dining experience customers, staff, and operators. By implementing the ePOS directly into the customer’s hands and away from the isolated cash register corner, pay-at-the-table technology produces satisfying results for each stakeholder.

Wait Staff:

● Besides food, the dining experience has a role in building customer experience.  Extraordinary restaurants know that guests often forgive an average meal when encountering an attentive wait staff and mPOS offers that additional time.

● The pre-calculated percentages of a tip can make tableside service better as it takes away the guesswork from the customers and provides transparency around tipping expectations.


● Pay-at-the-table options avail convenient transactions done by the customers themselves that can prevent the misplacement of credit cards and mishandling of personal information related to it.

● Payments through credit cards and online banking are convenient and meet the expectations of customers in recent times, when responded promptly can elevate consumer loyalty at a very high rate.

Restaurant Operators:

● Operators are used to working out the methods that can bring fast and efficient table turnover rate and therefore implement the pay-at-the-table technology it help the customers find the sweet spot reserved.

● By assigning more tables to each server that can result in more table turns, mPOS can decrease the time needed for training new employees on the technology.

● Pay-at-the-table technology lessens the liability burden for operators as with today’s pay-at-the-table solutions; a restaurant can inherit EMV compliance through the vendor’s technology, which shifts liability back to the banks.

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