Pet Parents' Expectations Defining the Tendencies in Pet Food

Food and Beverages | Monday, September 21, 2020

The humanization of pets has given way to substantial development of the pet food industry, and this empathetic value of pet parents is demanding the best for their pets.

FREMONT, CA: The total amount of money spent on pets in 2018 was estimated at $72.13 billion, and about $29 billion of that was spent on pet food. Pets today are considered more as family members and pet parents want to purchase only the best for their animal companions, thus changing the industry rapidly and urging pet food brands to keep up to fulfill these conscious consumer demands. Here are a few trends that will influence the pet industry, shaping the years ahead.

• Clean Labels and Transparency

This trend is a choice of expectation from customers. Pet food brands not able to deliver will find themselves in a difficult position, as a more holistic approach will influence purchasing behavior. The clean label trend will continue, and pet food products need to offer full transparency on their ingredient lists and ensure to provide required and critical nutrients. Expecting full transparency, customers are careful on knowing where their products come from that means ingredients offering ideal traceability will be the preferred choice of consumers.

• Personalization

Pet parents are more likely to enjoy the experience of preparing food for their pets, as it gives them the feeling of having more control over the ingredients they are feeding. There is a current trend of mixing raw food with other readily available pet food sources. So pet food manufacturers must know all these drifts to provide customized options for customers.

• Healthy Foods

Pet food ingredients offering proven health benefits will most likely be the focus of major pet food brands for the years to come. There will also be a rise in the number and variety of pet food choices highlighting the inclusion of nutritious ingredients, vitamins, and many more. Including healthy ingredients, of high quality or even of the human-grade level will be a competitive advantage for brands.  

The pet food business is increasing, and it looks like it will continue in the years to come. A brand which chooses to meet its consumer demands can undoubtedly thrive in the competitive market.

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