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POS System of a Rolling Kitchen

Food and Beverages | Friday, July 12, 2019

Irrespective of being an established fast-casual restaurant or an entrepreneur looking forward to bring your exclusive cuisine to the masses, establishing a food truck operation can be a smart move.

FREMONT, CA: Customers are fond of affordable prices and different choices that a food truck offers with quick service, rather than waiting in a long queue for the order getting processed in an old cash register. Only a POS system stands as a similarity between a traditional restaurant and a food truck, which is implemented to achieve maximum operating efficiency.


The food truck concept itself deals with time and creativity, so it is essential to not blow the entire investment by using a dull and bulky POS system. The company should ensure that the POS system is compact enough to keep as much counter space as possible for smooth running.

Real-Time Information:

Real insights into the food trucks require real-time reports which the modern POS software can generate along with sale summaries that contain detailed data in both online and offline modes. Modern POS system can provide sales information, inventory, labor, customer, product, and payment reports that can empower the company to make data-driven decisions, in addition to maximum profitability, employee cost management, and reduction of food waste.

Customer Loyalty:

A food truck POS system can elevate customer loyalty by helping the company to identify faithful consumers from the social media world as the millennial population engages itself in promotional platforms 24/7. Furthermore, if the POS system integrates with a CRM system, the company can accumulate the marketing list and offer loyal customers insider information about the upcoming location and updated menu choices.

Staff Management:

The quick services taking place inside a food truck does not leave much time for monitoring employees’ clock-in and clock-outs and working schedules. The POS system of a food truck should include an employee management feature that can automate the daily tasks to help in maintaining control of employees and the labor costs.

Easy Ordering and Payments:

Convenience is a significant part of the food truck, so it must allow the customers to place online orders and pick the takeaway item comfortably. It is crucial to have POS systems that support options like self-serve kiosks, mobile POS, and mobile payments as it provides various experiences for the customers along with a higher chance of staying competitive.

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