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Precision Fermentation Announces Major Upgrade in Its BrewMonitor System

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 13, 2020

An ioT-powered fermentation monitoring solution helps in the automation of early fermentation-problem detection and centralized management of fermentation measurements and thus drives productivity gains, cost savings, and better ROI.

Durham, NC: A leading biochemistry technology solutions provider, Precision Fermentation trumpets a major upgrade to its flagship Internet of Things (IoT)-powered fermentation monitoring solution, the BrewMonitor System. This platform adds the latest functionality for craft brewing companies whose businesses depend on product consistency, high operational efficiency, and proactive risk management. For these firms, BrewMonitor System 2.0 provides the ability to simplify fermentation quality control efforts, tighten processes for improved labor management, and dramatically enhance problem diagnosis and prevention.

BrewMonitor System 2.0 is an important milestone for beer fermentation management. Its initial introduction provided complete, real-time visibility inside a fermentation tank, from anywhere, 24-7. The latest release introduces tools that transform this flow of information into a powerhouse of productivity and business value. With simple mouse clicks or smartphone touches, any brewer can determine when fermentation is complete, the state of their yeast's vitality, whether a new fermentation is on the same track, and so much more. It is hard to overstate the effect of these advanced capabilities on operational efficiency, product quality, and cost savings.

BrewMonitor System 2.0's new capabilities and feature enhancements are batch-to-batch quality analysis (quick selection and comparison of data from multiple to accelerate the management of batch-to-batch quality and consistency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of operational processes.), yeast vitality trend analysis (perform quick, accurate, visual trend comparisons across individual measurements to streamline assessments of yeast vitality, enabling more timely repitches, and potentially saving substantial cost.), centralized data management (provides the ability to quickly enter and save manually gathered fermentation measurements together with automatically generated BrewMonitor Sensor Hub data), dynamic alerts (adjust automatically to a new fermentation's expected progress, providing the most relevant alerts possible), and expanded data collection.

Precision Fermentation delivers a groundbreaking, real-time monitoring solution that dramatically improves control over the fermentation for producing brewed beverages.

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